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Florida attorney general on investigation into Bloomberg’s $16M felon voter donation

2020-09-24 | 🔗
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody defended her investigation into billionaire Mike Bloomberg's felon voter donation on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve lets get back to twenty twenty Steve lets, get back to twenty twenty politics. We have been telling you the story about how Michael Bloomberg reportedly has raised sixteen dollars million to pay the fines for thirty two thousand felons in Florida, removing those fines. Then they would be able to vote in November thats the thinking well, some bad news for Mr Bloomberg. The Florida attorney General Ashley Moody is now calling for an investigation, and she joins us live right now from Tampa good morning to you good morning, great to be with you Steve Great, to have you as well explain the law where, if you are a felon- and you have a fine, you cant vote well again lets be clear: its fines, but its also restitution moneys that are owed to victims of crime. Steve. Okay- and you know it is a bipartisan law. It applies to all equally Steve, okay, so interest are a number of felons and I dont know where
the number sixteen million came up, but he now is offering to pay the fines. The restitution et cetera. You think that could violate election law, and so you have called for an investigation, you know look. We have to have trust in our elections process its essential to a strong, stable democracy, and so, when you hear words like targeting certain voters investing and adding to a particular column that doesnt matter what party it is that triggers Florida law under Florida law, you cannot directly or indirectly give anything of value to persuade or entice a vote, and so, as attorney general and I believe, any official charged with enforcing elections law. We have to be clear about what we are doing, which is why, when I asked for further investigation, I attached all the relevant law, even opinions that describe if you target even particular
voters that may be predisposed to vote a particular way that may be illegal, and you know Americans can judge for themselves. They need to know that those that are in charge of the elections investigations are on it. I am hopeful that the FBI also takes notice. I directed them also to consider federal law. Americans need to know that no stone will be left unturned and investigations will proceed so that they can trust in these elections Steve. I have heard some people suggest that Michael Bloomberg is just simply trying to buy votes down in Florida, but there is no guarantee that these people would vote for any particular candidate. Nonetheless, have you had some critics who have said? Why is she doing that? Well look. This is merely an investigation that I have directed again when you look at the memo and what was alleged when you hear words like we need to get this done, investing money to
targeted particular group of voters that may be predisposed to vote a certain way that raises concerns that you are directly influencing or even indirectly giving money to persuade votes to go a certain way, so the investigation will proceed, but what Americans need to know and what is so very important, because we want there to be trust in this election process. That is, those that are charged with year. Seeing with ov investigating will be diligently investigating whether thatS federal FBI or state, we are going to investigate and were going to be transparent. When we do that Steve all right, it would be great to hear from Michael Bloomberg. He is on tv all the time surprised he hasnt talked about this, yet maybe he will Ashley Moody, the attorney general for the great state of.
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