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Florida rep says GOP closing gap in early voting: 'Red Wave is showing up'

2020-10-27 | 🔗
Florida Rep. Michael Waltz weighs on record early voting turnout on 'Fox & Friends'
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At Walmart target and other fine stores, San Antonio Steve Early voting San Antonio Steve early voting smashing records across the country, especially in Florida Democrats, were reportedly ahead last week in terms of ballots already cast, but that edge has narrowed. As of yesterday, here with the reason there is such enthusiasm on the ground right now, Florida congressman Colonel Michael Waltz, who joins us from the d dot c area colonel good morning to you good morning, whats going on in Florida. Well, every day that goes by Steve, we are taking huge chunks out of the Democrats. Vote by mail lead that red wave is showing up with the early voting and absolutely is going to show up on election day. We can see how many high propensity voters out there either still have their ballots, that they are going to drop off in person or are going to show up in person and vote. I think at the end of the day we pull Florida out for the president. Of course the president would like to see.
Everybody show up to vote in person a week from today, because- and one of the reasons is when you vote by mail, there is not a lot of variables. I didnt do this right. Instead, you are signing it. You hope in the right place, you thoughts that watt right place and put it in the mail. There always the possibility that a post office, which is really pretty good at delivering the mail. Often you know a couple of percent every out of one hundred those letters, dont wind up, getting where they are supposed to be thats right. I think looking back on this, the Democrats may regret shifting so much of their voters into vote by mail early number one. They may be robbing from their day of just cannibalizing that day of voting and pushing it into vote by mail number two, you tend to have much higher rejection rates, stakes on the ballot with people doing it the first time they dont sign it at all. They dont sign it the right way. They dont get it in the
security envelope. If you are hovering around five percent to eight percent rejected ballot, where people make mistakes, that could be the difference and at the end of the day our voters are coming in to vote by person. Look, I want to be clear if you are a republican voter out there and you have that ballot, get it in one way or another. If you cant come in by person, please vote, but I think as a strategy. The Democrats may regret that Steve. There is something else that people are regretting right now, that is, there is an item in the New York Post that talks about how currently, according to Google trends, the question can I change. My vote is trending also trending with Hunter Biden. You have got to do the math and you figure people might be thinking. I wish I wouldnt have voted a certain way. Of course the requirements vary state by state, nonetheless, for people in late in the game to be thinking. How do I do it, and apparently it is possible in certain states
that says something about the people who are who have already cast those ballots? Look, you can change your mind if its legal in your state- and you want to change hour, mind you can do it its not in Florida, but it is in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin Minnesota. This Hunter Biden thing. This is not about Hunter. This is Joe Biden and a family enterprise. I spent a year on the China Task force how they are stealing their way to the top. What im worried about is yes, billions of dollars that came in under the Biden, family control, but then what it is investing into and investing into key technologies that can also be used by the chinese military and use those influence or their influence to get around some of those safeguards. So I think there is still a lot to learn between that story. Amy Coney, Barrett, the second, the debate where the president just truly laid out what he has
gotten done and how much he has gotten done, that he is an outsider, getting results and the rallies. While you know that the president is doing three or four a day, while Biden is sitting in his basement, I think the president is bringing the case home and he is going to stick the landing Steve Plus. Have you two point, five million volunteers going to knock on every door? They possibly can thats right real quickly, colonel. Why are you in Washington, D, DOT c today? Have you an election a week from today im in d dot c today to honor and to bury a green beret medal of Honor Winner, who was on the presidents secret service, detail and sadly died of cancer, but also to get the medal of honor for cash would be the first african americacan medal, O honor winner. Since Vietnam, we got it passed unanimously out of the house, and I cant for the life of me get an answer of why the Senate wont pass this thing. The family has been waiting for fifteen years. They shouldnt have to wait another day and I hope we can get this done,
get it on the presidents desk and get this award to the cash k Floridians he burned alive. While saving his men in Iraq, I read his story, he was quite a hero extraordinary. We will see what happens with the Senate. I pray its, not somebody playing politics with this, because its not the time or the place for it.
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