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Florida teen censored for Trump support wins in court against school district

2020-10-24 | 🔗
Florida high school senior Tyler Maxwell, 18, and Jacob Hubert, Goldwater Institute senior attorney, react to court case against school district on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Plus zero percent interest for twenty four months amp free delivery ends Monday, will welcome back a win for will welcome back a win for the Florida student Censor soared school parking permit was revoked for keeping this elephant statue in the bed of his truck after suing the district over First amendment rights, the judge has issued a temporary restraining order allowing him to park at S school with his Donald Trump elephant statue in the back of his truck joining us now is that 18 year old, high school senior himself Tyler Maxwell, along with Jacob a Goldwater senior attorney representing Tyler Tyler just quickly, please, as some background, how did this go down with the school? You drove up with your truck with that elephant in the back, and you were told what I was told I had to hand over, I was told I had to hand over my parking pass and I was not allowed to park there anymore. Was it laid out to you why you had to hand over that pass? No
will! Ultimately, I assume you figured out. It was because of this statute. Do you because of this political message? You had pretty much, yes will all right Jacob. I know you sued to suggest tylers. First amendment rights were infringed and a judge has now issued a temporary restraining order. Tell us your rationale and the judges in granting this tro, the court said: students have a right to political expression when they go to school. You dont give that unjust, because you go on to school grounds and the Supreme Court said you can only censor a students, political expression if there is a real and substantial threat that that expression will cause a disruption and there was no threat here. It was just a simple message on his truck didnt cause any problem and before anything happened at all the school said get out of here with that and dont come back with it. So, even though there is other political messages at the school with no problem, people have Biden. Bumper stickers, people have black lives matter, apparel that they are wearing around inside the school
and that doesnt cause any problem, and this shouldnt either. Will this wasnt just a political message in general, but there were other messages that were allowed at school, and this one specifically was disallowed thats right, I mean its tolerated all the time, but he shows up with this thing and suddenly its a problem will here is what the school district saying a statement. The school board has an obligation to provide politically neutral campuses for all students and allow, in the form of t, shirt or bumper sticker large signage, a passersby interpret large sign in school parking lot. As an endorsement from the school district, we dont allow our parking lots to be used for political statements temporarily Tyler really quickly. Here temporarily, you can return with your truck fashioned in that way. How do you feel right now? I feel pretty good. I hope this is a good look into whats going to be happening in the near future.
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