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Florida's new Cuban American GOP rep elected slams Dem 'extremism' on socialism, communism

2020-11-07 | 🔗
Florida Republican Congressman-elect Carlos Gimenez reacts to flipping a House race red on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Jedediah, a big win for the Jedediah, a big win for the g dot op in Florida, where Jimenez flip a blue seat red. What does this say about the party momentum fresh off his big win, Carlos Gimenez? Thank you for joining us today, congratulation to us and your campaign on your win. What do you think that says about what was really on voters minds? What issues really matter to voters in Miami Dade, in particular that sent them rushing to the polls to vote? For you, the whole issue of socialism, communism, the extremism of my opponent and many members of the Democrat Party gave us the victory and not only myself, but also over congressional district. Twenty seven Salazar actually had a stunning upset. At least mine was a toss up,
hers, nobody saw coming, and so what was it down here in Miami Dade County come from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, South and Central America? They understand what socialism is all about, and my opponent was very slow to condemn, actually never condemned the defund, the police movement. She also said kind of playing coy with the whole idea of packing the court. We understand what that means. We have seen that movie before we have seen that movie before we came from those countries. We want no part of it and thats. Why im the new congressman for congressional eighty six Jed jet the hispanic vote in particular? Do you think this trend will continue when it comes to the hispanic vote, particularly cuban Americans, many of them and their families who fled socialist regimes, as you mentioned, do you think that fear will
persist? As you see the likes of AOC and the Kamala Harris gain positions of power in the Democrat Party and have the capacity to influence the likes of a Joe Biden, its not just cuban Americans that are, you know, going to be fearful of an AOC and them and the omars and the you know like I said Venezuela is going through the same thing: Cubans we told them. This is what is going to happen and sure enough thats. What happened? I knocked on doors in chele, therecapitolchile dot. They were very that vote thats going to continue to resonate, even though they will deny that socialists tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are. My opponent was a progressive caucus going to grow
the only senator in that caucus is Bernie Sanders, and so we understand what Bernie Sanders is all about. We understand what AOC is all about, and frankly the american people, not just Cubans and the Latin Americans, and the Venezuelans here- will reject it. The american people will eventually reject it, because that is not what this country is about. Frankly, thats, why I ran you know. I came from Cuba as a 6 year old kid, and this is the land of opportunity. I love this country and I dont want to see you know something happening to this country that has happened in other countries down in the caribbean, central.
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