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Football is back: What can fans expect with the return of NFL?

2020-09-12 | 🔗
FOX Sports NFL sideline reporter Jennifer Hale has insight on expectations.
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Light musical cords PETE Football is back the NFL Pete Football is back. The NFL kicked off its season on Thursday, with the Kansas City Chiefs, beating the Houston Texan S, and tomorrow you can watch six games on Fox starting at kicking off at 100 p dot m Eastern, starting with my Minnesota Vikings will. So what can fans expect joining us now is NFL on Fox reporter Jennifer Hail thanks for being with us this morning. So on Thursday night there was a pretty got good energy. There was fifteen thousand fans, or so in the crowd in Kansas City. You could hear them how many stadiums, how many games will be like that on Sunday, with fans in the stands and well be able to hear their enthusiasm well guys very few. Unfortunately, most stadiums still not having fans the ones who are just a handful and, of course, Kansas City, one of the best atmospheres in the league, but the Good NEWS is fox- has gone to all sorts of lengths, along with the NFL, to
try to make sure the viewing experience at home on Sunday is pretty seamless, youre, not going to notice a ton of difference, the way theyve setup, the camera angles and planned the entertainment, its going to be great to have football back, and although theres going to be a few tweeks, a few things that are different for me personally, I wont be on the field ill, be in the first row of stands. Instead, I think most people are going to not see a ton of difference at home when theyre cheering on their favorite teams, whether it be the Vikings Packers or whomever PETE or some people cheering for the Dallas cowboys. I dont know who those are Jennifer. What are you looking for week? One no preseason. What do you expect as far as the quality of the game? Anything different in terms of the football? That is the biggest question out there: no Preseason games truncated training camps. I think its really going to benefit the veteran teams for teams that have a lot of rookies a lot of new additions. New head coaches
and man. You didnt have much ramp up time, so I think we might see teams settling in especially that first quarter some errors that you wouldnt normally see during the regular season that you usually get to work out during the preseason, but hey guys. I really think the important thing is that football is back and a sense of normalcy and its going to be very much like folks are used to watching, and these teams are so fired up. I spent the last month on the phone and on zooms with everybody, and they cannot wait to hit the field and play they realize the importance of this moment that goes beyond just the win and loss column. What it means for society PETE. Absolutely. I think a lot of people are ready to watch Jennifer Hale. Thank you. So much for that well be watching you on the side line in the stands, but actually on the sideline, its all a little different, but a little relative. I have your vikings and packers so its going to be a good one PETE. It is going to be a good one for sure and well see how
Tom Brady does in week. One now.
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