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Ford NASCAR driver on delivering over 1.5 tons of donated turkeys in an F-150

2020-11-26 | 🔗
Hailie Deegan shares her story on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Griff all right thanks, Jillian well NASCAR driver Haley Diggin, using skills to hip families in need this thanksgiving the 19 year old race, STAR partnered, with Ford to deliver more than three thousand pounds of Turkey: thats a ton and a half of food to food banks around Toyota, feeding, two hundred and fifty families. Today, Haleigh Deegan joins us now happy Thanksgiving to you happy Thanksgiving to you too Griff. This was amazing feet. You drove a lot of turkey toes a lot of families. I have been wanting to do a lot more, the community giving back to the community thats, something we and both agreed. We wanted to do. We worked together and put a lot. The lot of smiles on families faces, and I have been wanting to do more important to give back your
community, whether its a small way or a big way. As in two hundred and fifty turkeys Griff, I love the low gone on your truck hailies holiday Haul, whats reaction reaction, people around just the people getting the turkey. It was amazing to see just the smiles it future on their face. The and seeing all the kids getting excited thats, something that I appreciated so much. It really was an eye opener to me. Thats is ago simple. As a turkey we take for granted how much happiness it brought them much happiness. It brought them. You say it was an eye. Opener hay. I definitely want to do m stuff in the future. Griff all right, Hailie. I have got to ask you. I follow NASCAR and I remember it is hard to believe it was
this year, but way back in February, Daytona five hundred you had tweeted. You wanted to get your helmet signed by President Trump. Of course, the president went. He drove the Weist around the track at Daytona. What was it like to meet the President get youre helmet signed and what are your thoughts today? That was a crazy experience. I didnt even know if I was going to pull it off. I literally just made that Tweet Donald Trump Jr ended up reaching out to me. We connected and W. We figured it all out. The details and stuff got to take your helmet and everything and make sure it pass. They did that took my helmet. I was walking around the Daytona five hundred with my helmet all day and able to meet him and his wife, and you will Donald Jr the whole family. Was there a cool experience? Not many people get an experience of meeting the president in their lifetime. Just to be able to say I was able to do that was so awesome Griff. What did he say to you, the president?
He asked first how I did in the race. I told him. I ended up getting second first, he asked if I race. I said I do race. I have my helmet and asked him to sign it. It was cool the interest he took into it and how many questions he was asking and super personable and just a real good, true human being and having real conversation Griff. I hope you told him you were the camping truck world rookie of the year at nineteen years old yeah, so that was definitely at the beginning of the year. So I didnt have that title yet, but we definitely have had a lot of success through our career and this year we have gotten a lot of things accomplished and going on to bigger things in the future. We look forward to it. We wish you well Hailie.
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