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Former Amy Coney Barrett clerk: Barrett is a 'warm and caring' person

2020-10-13 | 🔗
Amanda Rauh-Bieri , a former law clerk for Judge Barrett, tells 'Fox & Friends' she was 'blown away' by how much time the Supreme Court nominee spent mentoring her clerks not just as lawyers but also as people.
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Inhalation, incredible Steve, thank you. Jillian President trumps Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, getting sworn in yesterday. Listen to her, explain her judicial philosophy if her own. In her opening statement yesterday, I believe Americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent supreme court that interprets our constitution and laws as they are written, and I believe I can serve my country by playing that role. If I am fortunate enough to be confirmed, I pledge to faithfully and impartially discharge my duties to the american people as an associate justice of the Supreme Court Steve here on why she thinks Judge Barrett should be on the bench is: is one of the former law clerks Amanda Railsbear, arely, railsberry, hello, hi, thanks so much forking having me Steve its good to have you? What did you make of her opening
statement? Yesterday I mean it was the high light of the day for me for sure I thought she did a fantastic job. You got a glimpse in her opening statement of the kind of judge and the kind of person Amy Coney Barrett is, and I theys what were going to see more of today. As the process unfolds, we heard her speak about her family being a mother of seven her background, her formative, mentors Justice Scalia, of course, is a very important one and her judicial philosophy, and we heard her speak with grace and great poise, and I I look forward to seeing more of that from Judge Barrett today, Steve sure, so you were her law clerk for a couple of years there in South Bend. Obviously you worked very closely with her and you would talk about decisions and the law. What can you tell us about her
that I we did not see yesterday? That is a great question. I think I think this did come through yesterday, but its impossible to overstate just how warm and caring a person Judge Barrett is. She was so general rouse with her time generous with her time, even though she had so many responsibilities, not just as a judge but as a mother as a member of her community, and I was always blown away by how much time she he had for her clerks and how much she cared about mentoring, us not just as lawyers but as people, Steve, thats, really, nice. You know we just had Senator Kennedy on. He did not know what tack the can Democrats were going to talk today, so the question is historically in questioning. Sometimes the senators try to rattle a nominee. My question is, and you know
Her- is she rattle able? Absolutely not? I dont know what the next few days hold. I hope that well hear from Judge Barrett about her qualifications. Shes eminently well qualified. She was given the highest rating by the American BAR Association, but I do know that Judge Barrett can shine, no matter what Steve right and when she is asked questions about. You know what about the affordable care act or what, if there is a lawsuit that goes to the Supreme Court regarding the election? Would you recuse yourself shes, probably going to use the Ginsburg Standard or where you know what thats hypothetical im not going to talk about that right now, I wont speak for Judge Barrett on that, but, as she said best herself yesterday, judges are not policymakers, thats, not how she sees the role. Shes, independent shes father minded Jurist,
fair minded jurist. She will faithfully apply the law and, I think, were going to hear a lot more about her judicial philosophy and her approach to applying the law. As written as shes asking the senators questions today, Steve and Amanda final question: Howell cool! Is it that your former boss could be on the Supreme Court? Its pretty amazing laughter im excited to see her become a justice shes going to be amazing. Steve all right well see what happens.
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