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Former Amy Coney Barrett clerk says Supreme Court nominee is person of ‘impeccable character’

2020-10-12 | 🔗
Lexi Baltes, who clerked for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, tells ‘Fox & Friends’ the nominee would not allow her personal beliefs to influence her decisions if confirmed to the Supreme Court.
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Just hours from now you can just hours from now. You can see the count down at the bottom of your screen. Confirmation hearings will begin for Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy, Coney Barrett on Capitol Hill. So what can we expect at the potential justice? Does take the bench Lexy lurk for the judge just last year and she was a student also in her law school and the law school at Notre. Dame thank you for joining US election Lexi thanks for being here. Describe her for us judge. Barrett is a brilliant judge, incredible person shes supremely well qualified as people from all phases of hadder life and all walks of life. Add to that American BAR association. Just yesterday gave her a highest rating of well qualified and shes a person of impeccable care and conviction. I think people tuning in to the hearings this week, who are otherwise unfamiliar with her. Her record, will conclude that shes not on brilliant, well qualified, but a person of incredible character who will
serve our country with distinction. Democrats are worried. Her catholic views could influence her decisions. Do you think thats the case? I dont judge Barrett is a person of faith and shes genuine about that and evident in her life, but when it comes to her decision making process shes been very clear that her personal police chiefs of any variety have no place there. Policy making and policy preferences are for political branches and a judge rule and her view is to apply the law as it is written. I know she was silented as distinguished professor of the year three times and I understand at Notre Dame thats chosen by law school graduating class. How difficult is that to get? Are there a lot of professors shes competing with to get that theres a lot of professors theres a lot of great professors, so it is, it is quite an accomplishment, so well deserved. Shes, a beloved professor. She was tough in class, but always encouraged open dialogue. Press back on all view, points to make sure. As students we were reaching most principle answer, no matter what our view point is,
and I think she brings that same approach to the bench thanks for being with us. Lexy.
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