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Former Democrat says she was chased by Black Lives Matter protesters in Dallas

2020-09-06 | 🔗
Karlyn Borysenko describes her interactions with rally demonstrators on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Mob of people outside the police station black lives matter protesters the police are not here were trying to get away from them were basically running to the end of the street right now, because that is where the cops are. Will our next guest calls this the most terrifying of her life, claiming she was harassed and chased away by protesters outside of a Dallas police station? A former Democrat Karlyn is spokesperson for the hashtag walk away campaign. Lets start with here. What happened to you yesterday? What did you experience ascribing most terrifying moment of your life? We had a walk away in Dallas, where one of our security guards got into an altercation with a black lives matter. Protester both got arrested myself and some walkway staff went down to the police station to see what was going on as soon as we got out of the car,
we were almost immediately surrounded by black lives matter protesters we didnt say anything to them. We were minding our own business. We honestly thought we were standing in front of the Dallas police station. There was a bunch of media, they werent going to do anything. They immediately started screaming at us. Throwing things at us chased us down the street, where there were group of cops to the end of the street. We were trying to get to protect us. Will you mentioned throwing things? Was it mostly not mostly peaceful? Was it verbal interaction? It was not verbal interaction, the videos immediately people were throwing bottles at us. I had a street dont thrown at me. One person with us had his cell phone stolen, they smashed it. They tried to take my cell phone as well, but I wrestled it back from them. Will we understand what the walkway campaign is about? Former Democrats that moved away
from the Democrat Party your founder, Brandon Straka, has been on here many times. What was your journey? Why did you go to the walkway campaign? I was a democrat for twenty years. The time I was eighteen years old. Up until last February, I went to Donald Trump Rally. I realized the media were lying, who trump supporters were? They were not deplorable people or racist made me take a whole new look at everything. I ended up leaving the Democratic Party upon leaving it sharing my story online. I was attacked and harassed by the left for weeks and weeks until I finally said enough is enough, and I started getting more involved with walkway events and sharing my story. It is not what the media makes it out to be. Will im looking at notes of others in the walkway campaign who left the Democratic Party, and it appears instances such as yesterday have been a big motivating factor for many of
your compatriots in the walkway campaign? Is that correct? I think so the violence of happening we committed a crime of standing on the street. We didnt say anything to the protesters who were there. If it could happen to us, it could literally happen to anyone. They didnt know who we were from anyone else. They knew that they had seen us, probably at the rally earlier in the day. They knew we disagreed with them. That was the only crime we.
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