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Former DOJ official calls Sally Yates the 'deep state personified'

2020-08-19 | 🔗
Former DOJ deputy director of public affairs Ian Prior reacts to Sally Yates' DNC appearance.
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From the moment, president, from the moment President Trump has took office, he has used his position to benefit himself rather than our country. He has trampled the rule of law, trying to weaponize our justice Department to a tack, his enemies and protect his friends, Steve, that is former deputy attorney General Sally Yates, among several speakers, to blast President Trump on night, two of the Dnc. With reaction. This morning we have former deputy public affairs director for the justifiable department Ian prior Ian Good morning to you good Morning, Steve of Course, Sally Yates, famously fired by Donald Trump after ten days, because she refused to enforce his travel ban. But you say its nice of the Dnc to have a deep state, personified speak at the Dnc. You are talking about her yeah, absolutely first action of Sally Yates. Most of them are familiar with where she refused to do her job as acting attorney general and
defend the presidents travel ban, which was later upheld as constitutional by the United States Supreme Court. Meanwhile, she is out there talking about the president weaponizing the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute his enemy. What planet is she living on? She was part of the Obama Biden administration that essentially trumped up an investigation into the Trump campaign cooked the books got Flynn investigated. They used the Department of Justice as a develop to go after the Trump campaign, not the other way around Steve right. We did hear from her in the last couple of months that apparently at that oval office meeting with Joe Biden and the President Sally Yates, was there and she was going to tell the President Barack Obama about the fact that apparently, during the transition there were some phone calls between Michael Flynn Neld, a the Russians and Obama turns to her around sells. By the way, did you hear the Russians and Flynn have been talking on the phone and she is like wait a minute.
She connects a lot of dots here, yeah one of the dot she failed is the fact that Peter Strzok said it was Joe Biden brought off the Logan ACT. If you remember couple weeks ago, Sally Yates testimony it wasnt Peter Strzok or Joe Biden. It was James, Comey, Everybodys, famous whipping boy. You are looking possibly at the next attorney general of the United States. As someone who is going along with the typical Democrat talking point, and you know hoping that people forget what she did during her tenure as acting attorney general. Have you written a op ed for the Washington Times? The headline is Biden. Harris administration would turn the Department of Justice Newt Department of Social justifiable. What do you mean? Well look when we came in to the Department of Justice in February March, two thousand and seventeen there was a lot of unraveling to do on the Obama Department of Justice. You are going to see a lot of that come back in full force. If Biden wins, I would say even more so remember during the Obama
administration, sure you have black lives matter. You had all these radical groupings that were pressuring the justifiable department, but you didnt quite have it the level it is now where you throw in four years of the left going crazy over Trump. You are going to see a lot of policies that are going to handcuff the police that potentially are going to send taxpayer money to liberal activist groups as a result of third party settlement, and you know going soft on inaudible going hard on police department. If that happens, you will see a big uptick in crime in a Biden Harris Administration Steve, so they were going along with the Obama Biden Administration, doing just that and then came Donald Trump, and while Jeff sessions had to recuse himself sessions and bill, Barr have been trying to undo a lot of what they did right. Yeah thats, absolutely correct. Look inaudible, first and foremost position I bring up in
the op ed. What you would have is the civil rights civil rights under Sue police departments force them to enter into onerous consent. Decrees, tie the hands of the department, not committed a criminal crime, civil rights in the Department of Justice under Obama, with pressure from outside leftist groups that are going after police departments. What do you think is going to happen now if Joe Biden wins the election, he is going to roll over these folks, you have the solid out there. Slo policies, dismantle the Department of Justice and turn it into the Department of Social Justice. Steve. Would the past be prologue.
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