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Former Lt. Gov. Kleefisch on importance of agricultural jobs for Wisconsin voters

2020-09-08 | 🔗
Former Wisconsin Lt Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch on Pence's and Harris' messages to state residents.
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Fall asleep, stay asleep under this president. I promise under this president. I promise you we will have law and order in every city in this country, for every American were going to keep fighting for tax relief for working Americans every day. We see the benefit to the entire country to invest in our small businesses and our small business leaders. We see you, we understand the significance of what you are in terms of the health and well well being of communities Ainsley. Vice President MIKE Pence and Senator Kamala Harris visiting with Wisconsin voters on Labor Day, how were their messages received? Lets ask former lieutenant governor of Wisconsin Rebecca Kleefisch good morning to you good morning to you Ainsley. How are you im good? Thank you so much. How do you think their messages were received? I think they were received. Well, they each played it safe. Labor day is a holiday, which means you want to make news without making too much news
stuck to the heart of city centers in southeastern Wisconsin, and the vice president decided to go over the Mississippi River in the lacrosse area, and he talked about something that Wisconsin Wisconsinites, which hold deer usmca. Mexico and Canada are our two biggest trait partners. When you talk about agri culture and manufacturing, you are speaking to the heart of wisconsinites. Those are our two main industries. Kamala Harris spoke to small business ownership, thats, one that Republicans are stronger on. So I dont know that she chose her very best message for her labor Day, stop in Wisconsin, because Republicans are great owners of not only the maul business economy, but also the dairy and the manufacturing economy and usmca. Both of those Ainsley MIKE Pence is talking to the dairy farmers. Yesterday, his message was usmca will
create six hundred thousand new jobs, including manufacturing jobs. He said to the dairy farmers. You need to know that Kamala Harris is only one of ten senators to vote against. Usmca whats, your reaction to that. Well, my reaction to that is, you know great message for Wisconsin in general, because obviously dairy is twenty three dollars billion industry. For us, we are known as the dairy state we put cow and corn on our quarter. For a goodness sakes, people care deeply about agriculture jobs. Green new deal, which is what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are pushing on measure right now, would be really detrimental for a state like ours cost the average Wisconsin family about forty thousand bucks a year. The average Wisconsin family in the middle of this covid 19 crisis, where we dont even know where our manufacturing and our agriculture economy are going, are very hopeful. If we see a return of the president for four more years but were still very very concerned, you know we dont know what would happen if
we had forty thousand dollars extra per year that we are going to have to come up with in order to pay for someones environmental hopes and dreams. We need reliable all of the above energy strategy and thats whats being offered with four M years with the president and vice President Ainsley, okay, Rebecca Kleefisch, a lot going on out there supporting the Republican Party.
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