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Former NFL player Ben Watson slams Warnock’s call for ‘reproductive justice’

2020-11-19 | 🔗
Former NFL player Ben Watson tells ‘Fox & Friends’ we can’t fight for justice and forget about the most vulnerable among us which is the pre-born.
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Brian former NFL player Ben Brian former NFL player Ben Watson, going against Raphael Warnock for his right to fight for reproductive justice is equitable distribution of punishment and protection. Justice is dignity endowed by their creator. One cannot quite for justice, while simultaneously denying it Ben Watson wrote that brand new podcast Ben. Why did you feel compelled you knew when you wrote that as a high profile now former player, it was going to get some juice? Why was it important for you to say that Ben? Well, I respect so much of what Reverend Warnock has done in the community. I applaud many of his efforts. Ive been to his church and done different things with him, but when it comes to idea of justice, this is prevailing idea that justice is only for a group of people.
When we talk about justice theres a continuum there, we cannot simultaneous. I will say we are fighting for racial justice, social justice, all the social things and forget about the most vulnerable people among us, which are the preborn question. Do both what im saying for those that think that justice is simply one sided. Justice has a wide net has wide net and the challenge there is not specifically for Reverend Warnock hes, the one that said it. The challenge is anybody that wants to get involved with this justice movement. Everyone needs protection, the mother, the child, the family, the Father. We can do more than one thing at one time: Brian planned parenthood, doesnt agree with you. They endorse Warnock, called for greater access for birth control safely and legal abortion and will fight abortion, bans and restrictions in the U Dot S Senate. I imagine you have a problem with that too
Brian. Well, thats rather ironic, with planned parenthood, condemning the racist of founder and for them to come out and support. They are in a conflicted position. They are in a position saying yes, we admit that there are racist tendency. We admit that the outcomes of abortions are they have a a lot of explaining. They have a a lot of explaining do theres a lot missing there, and I challenge planned parenthood to take the next step, if youre going to say that theres racism involved in abortion, if youre going to say all those things lets see you act out and protect the most vulnerable and protect black communities where they are the most at risk. Brian, no wonder you make so much sense and make sense that your podcast is doing so well, you have a brand new podcast, basically the watsons. Why or why not with the Watsons, you and your wife have produced this now. What is the focus of parents of seven kids after great NFL career and trying to make that and turn
the page Ben imparting knowledge that we learned in four five different moves across NFL career and seven children? The podcast is about marriage ups, an downs of marriage, ups and downs of parenting, and how do we engage with current events like race? How do we engage with the election cycle that we just had? How do we talk to our children but talk to each other about these things? And why or why not? With the Watsons first season its available in all platforms, we are having fun with it and getting great feedback from people of all ages. People who are single as well as those who have children, maybe not seven like us, but those who are parents Brian. Does it help or hurt the relationship to go on public broadcast your feelings, the pluses and minuses, the parenting and getting this all out there Ben im going to be honest, Brian. There have been times where we did a podcast, where we were in an argument and those ended up being best podcasts, because we were truthful about our feelings, theres, a mission there that theres still love, even if we
dont necessarily like each other at the time thats what parents go through and marriages go through. There is hope why, or why not, im the? Why and shes the? Why not, and you have to listen to figure out why we call it that Brian all the bruises gone. No one has tackled you in a while Ben your body keeps playing football. I was told that your body keeps playing all the surgeries injuries. I still have to maintain still have to take care of my body its funny. I wake up and say I havent got hit or hit anybody in a while, but I still feel like im playing football is a tough one. Brian. You look like you still could dont pick up the phone, because Belichick will call you Ben. We will have a podcast about that, and Kristin wont be happy. Dont worry about it.
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