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Former NFL star makes a new play on fitness

2020-08-22 | 🔗
Demarcus Ware, former Dallas Cowboys linebacker, joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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After nine seasons, with the after nine seasons, with the Dallas Cowboys and a few super bowl winning seasons with the Denver, Broncos Demarcus Ware is making a play. Jedediah hes teaching us how to train like a pro with his new gym PETE here, to give us a tour and a morning boost former cowboys, linebacker and founder of three bull fitness Demarcus Ware. Thanks for being here, im going to hand it over to will a huge cowboys fan. Let him ask the first question because thats the way it should be will I would have so many questions about your career about your super bowls. Your time we have to talk about what youre doing now the gym youre opening its an amazing project, youre opening it at a hard time. Why? Now why? In the midst of a pandemic, ive been trying to do this before Covid happened, im trying to get people to be motivated to live a healthier life.
If you have great immunities, you can beat Covid im trying to show you the message. This first room is about activating so its all about core strength, core stability, but this is just the first room lets get to the next room. I know weve got to hurry through the interview here. A lot of people are getting ready for the beach. They want to talk about burning calories here in the tread room. This is all about burning calories, well, use extension, training, step up boxes, dumbbells. The main thing is the treadmill you saw me running earlier on the treadmill. Youll burn, thirty, thirty more calories on the treadmill thats, the second room. Second, method of fitness,
as you wake through here, youve got to look good too. If you want to work out, youve got PE nation, a low ultra core chrome lets get to the last room, which is the hit room thats, where all the magic happens right. This is the I call it the big boy room. So actually I have one of the owners here, Angela Daniel. I know I really zoomed through all the rooms but im going to turn it back over to you guys, because I know youve got a couple questions for me. Pete to wills point what happens in that room? What makes what you do different youre, a topical, better athlete when people top caliber at athlete, youre talking about people feeling better its all about the vibe right. We want people to come here. We want you to get electrified when you come in here to get a
vibe from not that you cant get from any other gym. What we ended up doing is putting the method of how I trained as a professional athlete being able to stabilize being able to activate and being able to perform. I took you through the first three rooms, the form room, the tread room and the hit room. This is the performance room, so the more avid indiscernible. So we will lift weights because youre trying to build muscle, youre trying to go through the strength and power phase. When you get to that point, Jedediah Demarcus, can you show us a couple of fitness tips that we can see from here? Actually, heres some exercise you can do at home. Angela demonstrates this is a pop squat to pushup. This is a pop squat here. This is a full body intersize to
push exercise to pushup pop squat push up here using your core. This is a full body exercise the next exercise. It is very complex, its a courtesy, squat, reverse lung, to sue Sumo squat. You can do this at home, courtesy, squat, reverse lung, to sumo squat. This right here is a leg bunker PETE weve got to live it here. Listen a minority owned of business opening in the.
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