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Former Obama economic adviser: Biden's economic plan 'the better way to go'

2020-10-07 | 🔗
Former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf and Stephen Moore, a member of President Trump's economic recovery task force, debate which candidate’s economic plan will better serve Americans.
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Steve twenty seven days until election day, the I economy is expected to be a hot button issue discussed tonight and with nearly nine in ten voters saying the economy is either extremely or very important to their vote. How can we expect candidates to drive home that message here to discuss former Obama, economic adviser, Robert Wolf, appropriately screen left and member of the Trump White House Economic Recovery Task Force, Steve Moore Screen right morning to both of you morning, Steve, listen, Robert behind you is a couch yesterday when you were on Fox business, the guy from Ghostbusters was there we got a clip, Heres Bill, Murray Bill wanted to say hello. Nothing like it hi bill good to see you welcome to fox business. You should moderate the next presidential debate, a couple cups of coffee. I think I could do it
laughter. You know what Steve in this difficult, polarizing environment, we always could use a good laugh and, by the way, whos better to make everyone smile than bill. Murray lets be honest. This has been like Groundhog Day for all of Us Laughter, Steve, and he said he would moderate the next debate. After a couple of cups of coffee, Robert youre, burying the lead. Why was he on your couch? Did he spend the night? No, we were playing some golf and he came back and, to be honest with you, I forgot I had an interview, so I was scrambling put it this way. Liz was a gem for me to have Steve all right. Well, a great viral moment. All right lets talk about tonight. Stephen lets start with you. I dont see anybody in the trees. Behind you of note what you know. The number one issue is the economy. So how is MIKE Pence going to drive that home tonight
by the way I grew up just two mile away from Bill, Murray and Caddieshack was based on Caddyshack was based on the club by the way Roberts out there playing golf im trying to fix the economy. Robert laughter, look, I think we do want on the Trump team. We definitely want the number one issue for voters to be their pocketbooks and their finances and Trump has a very powerful case to make. Not only did we in the first three years of the Trump administration, building the most powerful economy in the history of the country, but weve seen over the last six months, Steve just an incredible rebound this economy right now is a rocket ship. The latest estimate is for the third quarter, which just ended on September 30th a few days ago that the economy grew by thirty three percent, Steve wow, I mean thats, never weve, never seen anything like that before eleven million jobs in just the last five months. I think Trump and pence want to
make that the key issue. Who do you trust more on the economy? The polls also show even people who arent going to vote for Trump agree, hes better on the economy than Biden, Steve Robert, so a lot of things there one. I would say incredibly what happened in one week we actually had more people file for jobless claims, eight hundred and fifty thousand than jobs created the entire month of September. I mean that is no super v shaped recovery number two. When we look at the two plans both involve Moodys analytics, which is nonpartisan and the Wharton School which id like to say Trump, and I both went to but Trump excuse me is not part of it. Both said the Biden plan is better for jobs, better for wages and better for growth. So forget my view or Steves view lets go to someone thats, not partisan.
To me. I think this its going t very clear that Bidens build back better plan focusing on infrastructure manufacturing is the better way to go Steve, good luck, finding anybody on the planet who actually is not partisan, especially this year, Laughter Stephen. Let me ask you about this. Yesterday, late in the day, just before Wall Street closed the president tanked the market, by announcing that hes done negotiating with Nancy Pelosi, theyre too far apart, I he would like one thousand two hundred dollars checks go out to everybody and to rescue the airline industry, but nonetheless he said im done for now until after the election yeah. This is a tragic situation. I mean Trump basically wants to do the one thousand two hundred dollars payments. He wants to extend the unemployment benefits at three hundred dollars or four hundred a week for another several months. They want to provide some aid to the hospitals and to the schools and Pelosi basically just hijacked the process. She would not say yes to a deal unless there was four hundred dollars billion,
Steve, not four hundred million four hundred billion for blue states that have wrecked their economies like New York and New Jersey. If California, my home state of Illinois and people, I mean look, people in Red States like Texas and Tennessee, and Georgia and Utah are saying why in the world should we have to pay more taxes to bail out the bad decisions that Cuomo made and Murphy made and J Dot B Pritzker made it just isnt fair, and I think Trump did the right thing by saying we are not going to bail out these blue states that acted so irresponsibly. Steve final word Robert. If I am a GOP senator this morning, im not a happy camper and all, I would say, were not bailing out. Any states were doing it for health care, for police, for fire for teachers. This is for all fifty states need help. This isnt one versus the other come on Steve Robert Inaudible affected. In Florida
Robert. There are twenty republican states that have already balanced their budgets. They dont even need the money. The money has to go to the bankrupt states and those are the blue states. By the way, if the blue states cant manage their states, how is Joe Biden going to manage the? U dot S economy, Steve guys? We have to end it there because Robert has a tee time at 900. So good luck.
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