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Fox Nation takes you inside some of the most lavish properties for sale on the West Coast

2020-08-29 | 🔗
Insight from Kacie McDonnell, host of 'Mansion Global.'
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Pete, thank you. Jed. There is a gap over my shoulder scaffolding. I wonder if that will survive Kacie Mcdonnell with the most lavish properties on the market, Malibu, California, a mega mansion, unlike any other, this 12 bedroom. Fourteen Baath, nearly eleven thousand Square Foot Home- has a lot to offer. Needless to say, one hundred and fifteen million gets you much more than just a custom house. This place is basically a private malibu resort. Will there you go from a winery in Napa to a ten square mile ranch in Colorado? I will take that one. Please. She explores the most expensive pieces of real estate. The West Coast has to offer Casey joining us now. Welcome to the show im obsessed with looking at real estate. I cannot afford so tell us more. You know what thank you good morning. Thank you guys for having me its such a nice break from everything thats going on.
This is like your guilty. Reality tv, but its not really reality tv. You are just kind of going into someones, home and looking around, which is so much fun. I was talking to Stuart Varney. Last weekend. I described it as window shopping Jed. You know so much fun to maybe look at a house that we cant have get ideas from it, get decoration ideas and color schemes. These are homes that, frankly, I would would never have been at im riding the coat tails of mansion, global and Fox Nation Island Ranch in Colorado. Have you ten square miles miles, not acres of land elk in your property, all fenced in Malibu Cliff hanging homes? There is really something for everyone. This season got crazy because of Cody. We had planned to go all over the Continental started in Colorado and finished in California, because my producer- and I both happened to be quarantining out there. Really there is no one. I
would challenge someone to say they didnt care for one of these homes because they are phenomenal. Will I watch yellow stone every night thats my escape to Montana Kacie Colorado, Situated son, ten square miles, Denver Private Ranch in Colorado that provides luxury and adventure to the highest degree. The main gathering space among this sprawling property is the lodge. While it may be sixteen thousand square feet, it still feels warm and inviting and coast the lodge is breath taking its when you step outside that this property truly starts to shine, got to be prepared. Looking to tackle this mountain looking, the part, will you hit the snow Casey? Was that fun we were ripping? I was so mad because I had to slow down for the drone to keep up. I said, let me go. Let me fly this is for tv, this isnt, so you could have Fun
PETE. I feel like you would love that snow suit. Send it out to you guys, PETE. I will wear it on the show. Kacie send it, and I will do another public mansion global available on Fox nation sign up today and get your first month for ninety nine cents. How do you find the next crop? You just find nice homes and knock on the front door and say: can we film your house, we throw darts at a map at the United States. We are hoping to go all over the place. Maybe some east coast spots im hoping for some beach locations, maybe harpootlians, maybe Nantucket PETE or maybe will Cains House will. It would be a short.
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