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Fox News Decision Desk director on states he predicts will be called on Wednesday

2020-11-04 | 🔗
Arnon Mishkin, Fox News Decision Desk director, weighs on in-person voting vs. early voting and gives his take on when remaining states will likely be called.
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Ainsley, I heard him say that so far the numbers in Georgia thanks so much Griff, fifty five for Trump and fifty eight point three for Boyden, not all the votes have been counted so its a toss up director of the Fox NEWS decision desk, been on all the shows and a wealth of information when it comes to these states. Good morning to you, Arden good morning to you good morning to you. Thank you for having me Nevada say they are going to be counting more votes, starting at 900, a dot M local time, which is roughly noon in the east. I think that Wisconsin is also going to be getting more vote reported today. I also think that Georgia, particularly the suburban counties around Atlanta, will be getting additional vote reported today and so its possible Brian lets start with Georgia.
What do you see its with a one point? Five between them? What should we know about whats left and where we know that some of the outstanding vote is in the Atlanta area, which tends to be more the Atlanta suburbs sort of the places in one of the places in the country that swung from Romney to Clinton so its possible that former vice president has an advantage there its also possible that some of those suburban counties have gone back to Trump since their performance in twenty eighteen. But the other thing that we dont know- and this is the mystery about this entire election- is how many outstanding early and mail in votes are to be counted. The most the unique thing about this election is for whatever reason Republicans this year said I need to vote in person on election day. Democrats were much more adamant or, as adamant saying I need to vote early or by mail in this election,
and what you saw was huge differences between the way the early mail in vote came in and the way the election day vote came in so on election day. Yesterday, President Trump may have won every state on election day with the exception, possibly of the deep blue states of New York and Connecticut. On the other hand, if you just look at the early and mail in votes, Joe Biden probably won almost every stated, with the exception of the Dakotas, I mean he got more early mail in votes in places like Mississippi and Alabama place that we knew from the get go were going into trumps column, Brian right when we look at the votes, thats the stuff that may be remaining thats, the stuff that the states havent totally reported Steve right. Indeed, im looking at the Foxnews dot com interactive map, it shows that the Dakotas to your point, the president, is in the 60s mid to upper 60s in
vote, totals if why could put up Michigan for just a moment? I know that, according to Foxnews dot com with eighty four percent of the votes counted, the president is ahead. Fifty one point, four to Joe Bidens: there are the very latest numbers right there, whats interesting as I look at the Senate race, an none. It looks like John James. The challenger to the Democrat, Gary Peters, John James, actually is outpolling the president. Yes, I think there is a lot of indication that James was going to outperform the president, and so right now it looks like he has a really good shot of defeating the incumbent and making that the second turnover for the Republicans of the evening were going to have to wait and sees a Michigan continues to count the vote and particularly as we find out how many really outstanding mailing votes there are before we can make a call in that state
Brian. If I can ask you real quick, why do you think John James has a better chance to win than the president? I think? Is he outpolling the president when you look at the actual numbers, Brian? What about the separation separation? I think the difference is a little greater for James right now, but listen im not ready to call either one of those races. I want to see more vote in Michigan last night, it looked like the president had a strong lead in Wisconsin right now. Wink has turned into a toss up same with Georgia, which is clearly as Trump has a slight advantage, but its pretty clearly a toss up really right now,.
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