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Franklin Graham on the power of faith this Christmas

2020-12-16 | 🔗
President of Samaritan's Purse Franklin Graham shares a special Christmas message on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley, thank you so much Jillian. Well, if youve never put your trust in God, do it this Christmas? That is just part of Franklin, Grahams, powerful message of faith during this difficult holiday season. He is the president of Samaritan, s purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Good morning to you and good morning to you Ainsley good morning. We definitely need a Christmas message. I know everyone has been decorating more probably this year than they have in the past because were just grabbing on to anything of hope. Right now you know there are many people that are so afraid and so discouraged this Christmas. Many people are alone because the virus, but I want people to know that God loves them and that God cares for them and he sent his son Jesus Christ from Heaven to this earth at Christmas and he came not to cocondemn the world, but to save the world. Ainsley were all sinners and our sins separate us from God and God doesnt want us to be
separated. So he sent his son at Christmas to take our sins and thirty, three years later, to die on a cross and shed his blood for our sins. And then God raised him to life. Jesus Christ, isnt dead, hes, alive and hell come into any heart that is willing to invite him and trust him and put their faith in him. He will forgive our sins and heal us and this Christmas season. Weve never had a Christmas season like this in history, where the world is locked down, people are afraid. People are scared. I want people to know that God has not forgotten him, and God loves them very, very much, and I would encourage people if you have never trusted Jesus Christ as your saviour. Do it today, just say God: ive sinned, im. Sorry, I believe Jesus is your son and I want to trust him as my saviour and I want to invite him to come into my life and if you just pay a simple prayer like that, God will hear and it will change your life forever. Ainsley, yes, im a witness to that, and I love Jesus
October. Nineteen. One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, I said that very prayer and it did change my life. Thank you for spreading that message. Your family is incredible. Im on your website right now, Samaritans purse and its unbelievable. You can log on and see whats most needed, hot meals for a child rescue children in crisis feed a hungry baby. Where do you need? How can we help? How can we help your organization? What are you all doing? Well, you know right now: weve got about nine million, shoe box gifts going out to children around the world right now and to about one hundred and thirty different countries, and this is a massive undertaking and its the largest Christmas program in the world today, and we need certainly help for that and we need volunteers. We need donations as we take these shoe boxes to really some of the most desperate areas of the world, and it is so much fun and brings so much joy into the lives of these children. Ainsley. Absolutely you have two new things on Fox nation. One is seven days in the holy land. Here is a clip of that
about wars that the have been fought in Jerusalem Watch, this think of the blood shed and the wars fought and the Persians and the Syrians and the Egyption S and those that have come against the city and have marched against the city and at times its been destroyed and the children of Israel will turn to God and all of a sudden. They have piece and prosperity, and forgive God, Ainsley, Mr Graham tell us more about it. Well. This is a film that I did a few years ago and there are millions of people who never have a chance to go to Israel to see these sites, and I wanted to do something with my daughter so that the person could actually see the places where Jesus was the things that he touched where some of these great Bible stories happen, so that they can see that and kind of visualize. What took place at that time and I think it helps us as we read the Bible, to visualize what took place so
its a great thesis, its a devotion all seven days in Israel and each one focuses on a different miracle or a different spot, where Jesus taught so its a lot of fun, and I guess its on Fox nation, soon, Ainsley that one is already on fox nation. Seven days in the holy land available now and return of the holy land will be available on Tuesday, the 22nd. Mr Graham. Thank you so much. God bless you and merry Christmas.
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