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Friends explore political differences, common ground and one unique road trip in new book

2020-08-09 | 🔗
Christopher Haugh and Jordan Blashek, authors of 'Union,' join 'Fox & Friends' with insight.
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Jedediah, at a time when the country is so divided, two friends with differing political views set out on a cross country, road trip in hopes of finding unity. The eye opening journey is detailed in their new Book Union Democrat Republican in search for common ground. They Joan join me right now. I love this concept. I feel like. We need this book so badly start with you Christopher. Why did you decide to embark on this journey? Absolutely Jordan and I met in twenty fifteen and by two thousand and sixteen it sort the felt like we were not supposed to be friends anymore. We took journeys to find a way to come back together to find stories that join Jordan and I and the United States Jedediah Jordan, be honest. Were there some fights along the way disagreements? How did it all play out? Oh yeah entire experience. First couple road trips seeing things on the
road fighting about them wrestling where we did have some shared values, so we had knock out, drag out fights on things like black lives matter, police, brutality, climate change, gun control, pretty much every issue under the sun. We fought about we to the to the point where we learned to have the arguments in productive ways to find shared values between us Jedediah Christopher are: were there any points along the way, be it attending a rally or talking to some individuals out in the United States at different businesses, wherever it may be, that caused self reflection for you, for you to look inside reflect how you were having conversations with people on the opposite side of the spectrum. Absolutely one of our early trips was with a man whose name is PETE, who is truck driver drove from Vegas to Slidell Louisiana when he first jumped down, he was
wearing make America great T shirt. I have thought I knew he was when we were driving with this mission. I gave him to know as more complex thinker. I would have thought from just seeing him and meeting him. He talked about the climate change. He talked about the president, his love for the President, what he would have changed if he could. It was really quite remarkable to see the complexity in this country and how deep peoples, values and ideas and thoughts really run Jedediah yeah Jordan, similar question for you in the sense of what would your advice be? We need this book right now, because it is such a divided time in our country. Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to have really important conversations, find themselves arguing, not seeing eye to eye and struggling yeah? Absolutely, I think my first bit of advice is is when you do have these conversations dont go in trying to change the other persons mind. Both sides have their own sets
of data they like to point to. They have their own reasons why they believe what they do. When you try to change some ones mind they tend to lock in. If we enter conversations trying to listen were more likely to have much better conversations. That is what Chris and I learned, Jedediah. Well, Jordan, Christopher. Thank you. So much for being here union is on sale. Now.
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