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Fund the First raises over $20K for wounded Los Angeles deputies

2020-09-15 | 🔗
Robert Garland, co-founder and CEO of Fun the First, on how his organization is supporting first responders.
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Brian thanks Ainsley, unbelievable whats, going on on college campuses, rallying behind the LOS Angeles deputies, who were shot in an ambush attack. The New York police officer, offering support, through his crowd founding group, called fund the first already raising more than twenty thousand dollars for the deputys families, man. They are going to need some help here with more on his mission to help his Nypd detective and CEO of Fund, the first himself, Robert Garland Robert. When you heard about this over the weekend, what did you do? Hi good morning? I was frustrated. Obviously we want to be there to support everybody. Thats going through a time need what happened over. There is a senseless act of violence, and I personally was in touch with chief of l, DOT, a l dot, a sheriffs department, Chief Hasslerick. She came on the platform and trusted our platform in full and started a campaign for her deputies overnight. That campaign raised twenty thousand dollars. Brian, I mean one shot in the head, the other shot in the face.
They go into the emergency room. Obviously, you guys have great benefits, but after that is when the help is needed right, correct, correct. There is loss of wages and loss of work its not about the money that comes in its the outpouring of support. We are a nation. We have our law enforcement community, our first responder community, our military community. We all want to be together as one and help and support one another thats. What our platform is all about its not just about the money that comes in, not the support system, it creates Brian, unbelievable. Your dad was a police officer for a while. You are following in his footsteps in your life that you have seen even talking to your dad. Have you ever seen, police more disrespected than we are seeing right now across the country right now? We want to make sure we are here for each other. Dont want to worry about. The disrespect worry about us come together as a group in full thats. What we are here for
all first responders and military alike. We want to support one another as law enforcement, ourself im here, for you guys. I want to make sure we are all here: we are a family Brian. You talk about fund the first, the platform. You say, people in your community can count on. Why so fund the first is the nations only crowd funding platform for first responders and military? We have a partnership with that ensures trust and verified means for our first responders and military to go to verified beneficiary and raise money people donated and contributed to campaigns. They dont have to worry about anything because they know its going to a verified and trusted source. So we launched on July 22nd and incredible experience of giving back almost fifty platforms on the campaign to dated raising over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and again its not about the money raised its about the overwhelming support system that our platform provides for everyone, Brian. If we go there now, it goes right to the l dot, a sheriffs office now
so fund, the first dot com bring to you a landing page. There is the l dot a sheriffs department campaign on our platform, but it does redirect where you can contribute to now. If you click on that link, Brian all right, we see whats going on across the country and were glad you are there Robert Garland thanks so much. Thank you guys, Brian for more information go to fund the first dot com and donate to the fund to the l dot, a deputies which I know you want to do.
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