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Gadgets to get your home and kids ready for online learning

2020-08-07 | 🔗
Kurt 'CyberGuy' Knutsson reveals his tech lessons for a successful school semester at home.
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Months on all smart beds ends Monday, Ainsley future of class. Could Ainsley future of class could be virtual learning how to get straight. As from home, hey Kurt Ainsley. We are learning a lot, what it means to work and go to school from home lesson number one fortify your home network ax, I dont mean provides homes with instant front line protection from ongoing cyber attacks from hackers it will block and shut down attacks before they even get in in order to protect your entire home, including all those connected devices that the kids have the Hak trap goes next to your router eleven point. Ninety nine a month, four point: ninety nine fifty percent sign off for those annual plan thats a little bit longer lesson number two good, inexpensive, Chromebook wins
at best student tool for home use this Acer, Chromebook spin eleven is three hundred and ten dollars. You shouldnt spend more than three hundred dollars spill resistant keyboard. Key touch: chromebooks are preferred over most over Ipad or windows. Laptop check with your school for potential discounts from nearby stores. Lesson number three set a smart speaker reminder schedule: why would you want to do that? Well, with an echo dot with that clock I like for about sixty dollars or a Google home mini, it will actually help you set the speaker up, so you can use family bell if you are on the Google side and Alexa create reminders so that your kids keep to a more structured environment being able to set when you wake up when you get dressed when class is starting when to turn in your homework. Things like that, when its lunchtime,
when its time to wrap up and when its time to get fresh air outside lesson, number four raise your hand from home by snapping a pick pic all these video classes, kids have the ability to do Qampa with a teacher, its not comfortable one on one time, snap, a picture of whatever you have a question with email. Your teacher thats best connect going one on one with your teacher and dial down those distractions. I will show you how to do it a free newsletter for all these tips at Cyberguy DOT, com Ainsley. I am ready to go study PETE getting across the Hudson more than anything Ainsley. Do it on your laptop or.
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