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Gen. Keane slams 'paranoid' and 'sensitive' Chinese Communist Party for censoring Pence

2020-10-09 | 🔗
Fox News senior strategic analyst tells 'Fox & Friends' the Chinese Communist Party 'fears their own people more than any adversary.'
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Brian Chinese Communist Party, censoring Michael Pence during vice presidential debate on Wednesday, as he took on beijings handling of the coronavirus. Listen, China is to blame for the coronavirus. China and the World Health Organization did not play straight with the american people. They did not let our personnel into China to get information on the coronavirus until the middle of February. We are going to hold China accountable for what they did to America, with the coronavirus Brian in came the color bars when he spoke. I dont know if four star general Jack, Keane Fox NEWS, senior strategic analyst is surprised by that, but I was general. I didnt know they were televising it and number two. Do you find that interesting that they get to that type of censorship to that level jack? This is a great example for our viewers of how paranoid and sensitive the Chinese Communist Party are to any internal or external criticism of their regime. They want particularly their own people, and this is where this was being broadcast to to
look at their regime and see what see the fact that they are competent and very powerful, and this was an assault on their confidence. Can s what the vice president was talking about and if you descent inside of China, you are going to jail and you will be tortured if youre, not if youre different in terms of your religion, like the uighurs in western China, one million to two million of them are in three hundred and eighty concentration camps, twelve more on the construction. One of those concentration camps has ninety six buildings in it. This is an example of what the Chinese Communist Party does with people who are different or are critical whats going on here. They fear Brian, their own people, more than they fear any adversary like the United States, Japan or Australia, India, they fear their people, and that is why they clamp down so harshly
and so quickly when theres any criticism. Even small criticism like this from from as far away as the United States just keep in mind that when the vice president was vice president, he was playing basketball with President XI, and that was a much different philosophy with the: U Dot S and China back then it was. We can bring them into the world community. That ship has sailed. I just dont know if both parties understand that Jack well, thats, where the international community and the United States was for years, both democratic and republican presidents. Yes, we were appeasing China and trying to bring them in to modern capitalism by helping them create a modern economy in their country, and we did a very good job of it. Quite frankly, but now the world is looking at China and seeing them for who they really are a repressive regime. Brian, the president of the United States, made an announcement yesterday that I want you to weigh in on. He did it with Maria Bartiromo listen. We are down to four thousand
troops in Afghanistan and I will have them home by the end to have year. I want our military home because you know what we are all over the world. We are in all different sites, fighting in countries t that nobody ever heard of and it hurts us because you wear out your military and we have to be always prepared for China, Russia and other places. We have to be prepared. Brian. Does that concern you is that on the progress of the talks with the Taliban, that doesnt make any sense to me, Brian certain absurdity, associated with that statement. We have a conditions base withdrawal as our policy, and certainly the progress of the peace talks is one of the major conditions the violence has to stop and there has to be some kind of an agreement and we need to Taliban to commit to no longer association with the Al Qaeda and willing to put down ISIS inside of Afghanistan if we are to leave those are some of the conditions as late as Wednesday.
The day before the presidents statement, the national security adviser was talking about what I just said, a conditions base withdrawal. If we had to leave in less than ninety days, we would have to leave the equipment behind and we would have to leave before the NATO forces leave and we would undercut the peace negotiation that is, we have engineered for almost two years. This makes no sense Brian. We sacrificed so much to get to this point. How we leave will will really signify how successful we were, and if we leave too quick, it all falls apart. Meanwhile, do you think IRAN cares about our elections? Do you think they are following it closely? Jack? Oh, I think so, just as all of our adversaries are, I mean what IRAN wants. Is they want a return to the nuclear deal? They they want a return to the appeasement policy of the previous administration, which I think was fundamentally flawed, and what you see
taking place in the Middle EAST, the Arabs and Israelis coming together is a call to the rejection of Irans proxy wars that they have been conducting throughout the Middle EAST and destabilizing the Middle EAST. They are robbing the Middle EAST of their future of prosperity and taking care of the young people that are some of the countries have. Seventy percent of the population is under thirty and they have no future because of the what the Iranians are doing. We cannot go back and make deal with Iranians and undercuts that history was wrong. Brian, that one party will do just that and the rest of the Middle EAST is falling in line with Israel, because we saw IRAN
Jack Jack theres, no doubt that they have not responded for the killing of Salamani, and I think they will seek retribution and probably in the post election, but the Iranians are back on their heels in a way I have never seen Brian. We have not take the foot off the gas and we have to put the pressure on the guys thats what the what shall Arabs are telling us, and hopefully we continue to move in that direction. Brian its just coming together before our.
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