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Georgia Gov. Kemp not worried about primary challenge, focused on Senate races

2020-12-23 | 🔗
Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp joins 'Fox & Friends' to address criticism over his state's presidential election results and discuss the upcoming Senate runoff races.
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Will Katie President Trump doubling down on election as chief of staff, plays a surprise visit to Georgia? Signature audit currently underway Brian Kemp, joins us now with the latest are Governor Kemp. Thank you for taking time Merry Christmas to you. Merry Christmas good to be with you, Griff Griff Governor. I want to get to what are the most significant Senate elections less that two weeks away and how secure it is there in the peach state. I also want to ask you first to respond to Atlanta Journal constitution. Had an op ed said enough is enough. It is referring to the presidents, pressuring you criticizing you trying to get you to bring the legislature back to overturn the election results there in the state. We saw reports yesterday that there is even the president considering trying to primary you in your next election whats. Your reaction this morning
are thats would a lot in that question, but let me start with the election and the president. No one has worked harder down here in Georgia to support this presidents re election than myself. I continue to support his and any candidates legal actions post election, which is what the law allows for just like your last guest was talking about. I have also got to follow the laws and constitution of this state im going to do it as far as me getting primaried. I could care less about that right now, all what we all need to do, regardless of what you think is going on in Georgia. We have got to support David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. We are the red Wall to stop socialism and handing the keys to Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Bernie and everything else I mean we have got to win these two races. We have the votes to do it and people need to do just like. I have been saying, and the president has been saying they need to vote for Kelly and David vote today. Dont wait. The Democrats are going to try
to convince you that this race is over late in the race, with liberal polling thats going to come out. I have been warning people against that. I was in an event with both David and Kelly last night. The night before he would are are working hard. We have to make it happen, PETE Governor as you you know, most of american politics has descended on Georgia and all eyes are there and right infantry. So one of those is Senator Lindsey. Graham, I believe we have a tweet that he put out about the process of signature verification there in Georgia he tweeted recently. I have just been briefed about the signature verification system in Georgia regarding two thousand and twenty mail in ballots from what I have been told sounds like they now have a credible process in place to do a signature. Audit look forward to hearing the results. Griff alluded to it, governor, the president has been all over you on this wanting a special session. Wanting more done with the signature. Audit has everything that can be done been done, because there remains tons of skepticism about the
outcome there in Georgia, including Fulton County yeah. Look I fully understand that I have been calling on be the signature audit for the Secretary of State to do that per our constitution. Here he has the authority to do that. He is elected. Statewide, just like I am, I know, Senator Graham understands that full well as we just went through confirming three great justices to the Supreme Court, and I know that he like. I wants judges that are going to follow the law and not make it, and the law in Georgia is that the Secretary of State has the constitutional authority. He finally ordered the signature audit im glad he did. I offered to allow the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is under my purview, to assist in that they did that yesterday. I know for a fact: when Mark meadows was on the ground down there and will let him speak for Himful is, but I feel he was very impressed with the effort of our professional officers working with the post certified in the Secretary of States
office to do the signature audit, and hopefully we will know today or perhaps in the morning what the results of that are, and that should give great confidence PETE. So the results of the signature audit, you believe, should come today or tomorrow and is there a possibility? We learn of nefarious things, whats your take when people actually look at these signatures here. Look im going to let I have worked with the Secretary of state investigators for nine years. When I was secretary of state, these are professional people. They are post certified law enforcement officers, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They have been right in line with a lot of things. The Trump administration has been wanting to do, and that are my priority. Like going after street gangs, drug traffickers, human traffickers, these are professional people. They are going to call it balls and strikes thats what they need to do. Thats. What I have told them to do when I swore in the new director back in a little less than two years ago, im very confident in that process, and I will let it speak for
itself whenever the rules come out, hopefully rarity today, if not tomorrow, Katie Governor Kemp. Thank you so much for being here this morning you mentioned judges, and one of the big fears is that if Georgia goes Blue, the Senate will pack the court under Chuck Schumer. What are you hearing about voter turnout in the state? How are Republicans too long when it comes to early voting? And what can people expect for the special election when we see that the first week of January o? Well, these a really good question and thats exactly what we need to be focused on? We need to be focused on supporting two really great senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. They are both outsiders and spent decades in the private sector, just like the president. Before they have ever went to Washington, they both want to drain the swamp. We have got to send them back up there to really- and I talked about this Wednesday night at a big rally they had about the Senate and the confirmation process and its not just the judges, you think about some of the just
radical people that Joe Biden is talking about putting in his cabinet. You know the Senate is the fire wall for that, regardless of what happens over the next couple of weeks with the presidential election, we have got to stay focused on these Senate races, I feel, like turnout is good. I feel, like Republicans, are motivated, but for those that are skeptical, you need to really listen to what the president said on his last rally here. He said, regardless of what you think you have got to go vote for two great friends of his and friends of mine, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to stop socialism, marxism and handing the keys to Pelosi, Schumer AOC and Bernie Griff Griff Governor, just finely so its clear for anyone in Georgia who may be thinking about not voting because they fear that its not secure and you are going to have a record turnout. You cant do that. You cant do that. We cannot, even if they feel that way. I hope they dont, but if they do, they still have to vote.
We cannot sit at home. We have got to save our country. That is what David and Kelly have been doing. Seven, eight nine stops a day to safe our country, thats. What the president believes in Ivanka was here yesterday are Don Jr has been here. Everybody is pulling in the same direction on this race. We have got to reelect these two people and I believe that we will testimony Katie, just a quick, follow on on that governor. What, specifically, are you doing to make sure that the election is secure, because people have a valid reason to feel like their votes? I know this is very frustrating for people in Washington, D, dot c, that dont understand what the law and the constitution says in Georgia, that is, the responsibility of the Secretary of state. The county elections run elections in Georgia. We have a unified, a uniform state system. Here the constitutional authority lies with the Secretary of State, so he needs to be the one that is assuring that also the county election
boards, which are represented by republicans, need to be pressing their local county officials to make sure that they are doing the signature match correctly and look, I believe in support the campaigns, whether Republican Democrat or whoever, to be in there watching that process which they can do. But there is a legal process that they have to go through to sign up thats what the Georgia Republican Party needs to be doing. We have been promoting that for people to volunteer all eyes are going to be on this election. It needs to be done right, and I can assure you that you know one of the first things I did was allow the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to be involved in anything that the Secretary of state requests of us, but he has to do that because he has the constitutional authority to do that. There is a lot of confusion over me being able to just order those things, and I do not have that Authority Griff, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia. Thank you for taking time just two days before Christmas coming to us from Athens, I cant leave this interview governor without saying: go dogs thanks for taking time to join us.
Go dogs.
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