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Georgia student's jail sentence in Cayman Islands reduced to 2 months as family pleads for her release

2020-12-24 | 🔗
Skylar Mack's mother Rebecca Burt and stepfather Jason Burt join ‘Fox and Friends.’
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Todd, thank you so much Ainsley over to you, Emily Emily. The court in the Cayman Islands, shortening the steps of an american teen jailed for breaking quarantine. Skyler Maxs sentence has been cut to two months, but her parents still say the punishment just stunt fit the crime joining us now are Rebecca and Jason. The mother and steep Father of Skyler MAC. Welcome to you both im sure this Christmas Eve is bittersweet, given that your daughter is still in jail in the Caymans share with us. Your feelings right now and whats, going through your mind as you navigate this situation wear still living in this nightmare. We are just hoping you know, event actually here soon that it will be all over, and you know she will be here home with us, safe Emily, and you say that you have exhausted your legal options. Yet you have appealed to the president for help as well whats, going on with the status of her case legally. In that way
and the status of your appeal at this point, nkt we dont know we have reached out to senators here in the state of Georgia. I have reached out to the president waiting to see you know if there is anything that they are able to do to help us. We dont have an update from any of those. At the moment. Are you able to communicate regularly with Skyler, and if so, what has her communication been like to you? She is able to call you know whenever she can. There are certain times of the day that they are able to call. I mean its very hard on her its hard on all of us. She is scared to death. She is terrified over there. She is by herself. She has no one. She is having panic attacks, its just really its bad Emily im. So sorry for this, we have a statement as well from
Skyler that she released a statement earlier apologizing for her behavior and said: look. I know that it was wrong to break quarantine, but, as you have stated, this punishment just didnt seem to fit the crime. This is an 18 year old, pre, med student. She has never ton anything untoward in her life and now she is really experiencing such a severe reaction. What are your thoughts on that? I think people need to realize that, although she is eighteen one year removed from our home, that you know kids, that age havent matured are not real, will he responsible? Yet there is only one perfect person be that ever walked this earth and I think to her thats very disheartening that somebody could treat someone and just very shocking to us all Emily legally. This remains in
the hands of the Cayman Judge, who has all the power and control talk to me about that? You feel there is a message being sent by him to Americans in this way its unfortunate that when she got there, this new law came into effect and its certainly shows that you know her being american. Although her boyfriend did get the same sentence, I think they just have no remorse and think that this is going to deter other people in the future. Lets see how hard we can make it on her. That doesnt really affect many people. Hopefully they can send a message, but just because its a law doesnt mean its right Emily. Exactly thank you Rebecca and Jason Burt. Our hearts and prayers are with.
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