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Georgia voters speak out at Trump’s campaign rally in Dalton

2021-01-05 | 🔗
Will Cain talks one-on-one with voters ahead of the Senate runoffs.
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Eunice Ainsley, this is a live. Look at Atlanta. Georgia today is crucial with the Senate runoff elections in that state. It is election day everyone we have been talking about this for a while, and it is here lets bring in Fox AMP friends, weekend co host will Cain and PETE Hegseth, hey guys will good morning PETE Good Morning, he Ainsley, I know. Yall have been talking to the voters on the ground PETE. We went to you last time this time lets go to will. What are they saying? Will the frustrations over the election results in November in the election election? Will the frustrations over voter integrity, election integrity bleed over into this election today? In short, will Republicans in Georgia sit out the senatorial elections pause? They are upset about the results. In November I went to Dalton. Yesterday I went to the Donald Trump President Donald Trump Rally. I talked to rally goers and I asked them that exact question here was their answer. Watch a lot of people have concerns.
They are frustrated. They are worried about election integrity. Do you have a lot of friend in Georgia who might sit out this election because of those concerns? I have tried to encourage all of them to get out and vote and let that go. If we lose the Senate, we are toast the necessity to keep the Senate thats. What is what is motivating the Georgians that I know anyone who says they are not going to vote in this election because they are mad. I feel like it is not working for us nor to save our values. We have to vote in this election, these two senators, Perdue and Loeffler. They are our last line of defense against the Democrats. Take the Senate Georgia. Then they took Congress House of Representatives, the Senate. We have nothing to protect under the circumstances, anymore, go out and vote, so we can save our democracy and save our country. Will I cant say it was one hundred percent of the people I talked to who said? Oh absolutely weigh will be at the polls, but the overwhelming majority said were more motivated to vote in this election, but listen, hey Answersly,
Steve Brian, in a tight election. If its, not one hundred percent of people who are motivated to go to the polls, it could affect the outcome. If there are some frustrated people out there, who will sit it out, it could, of course, a the outcome ever the election, Steve, absolutely Brian Brian, about thirty thousand people PETE, I will say brian- go ahead. Pete Pete go ahead, please Brian 0000 people set out in the suburbs republicans set out in Atlanta. They decided they didnt want to participate in November. Third, we need them to come out if we find out three million already voted and there is thousands that are voting for the first time if we get over the million mark with the walk up its going to spell good NEWS for Republicans and PETE dont, you think its a little insulting to think that anybody who likes the president will think a God way to support the president will be to not vote PETE yeah. Of course, listen, but you cant discount the level of frustration.
I think what were dealing with here is a scenario. Fool me once shame on. You fool me twice. Shame on me. A lot of that pertains to the way they felt about the election. Take big tech, for example. The campaign donations were recently revealed for Jon Ossoff, one of the candidates here in Georgia, guess where a lot of the donations are coming from. I think we have something to put on the screen Steve. We do PETE, Gool, Microsoft, Amazon, the same Silicon Valley that was all in for Joe Biden in November, willing to change algorithms, suppress stories, knock down legitimate stories about Hunter Biden and when you take that reality of those donations which can easily translate into what they do with their social media platforms, to influence the vote in Georgia who they show ads to who they dont. This other piece of information from the media research center becomes even more stark because remember this one in six voters would not have voted for Biden. Will, if aware of the scandals that were concealed,
so you have got a lot of Republicans going to the ballot box this morning and I believe they will who are holding their nose. Skeptically saying I dont trust the system, I dont trust the overlords that are trying to prevent me from seeing information, but I love my republic, but I will go vote fool me twice and you will have serious problems. We will see what happens today. I think, based on what will saw on the ground, turnout will be strong. We will see. Will Ainsley Mark Levin said to all the Georgia voters go to the polls, do it for the rest of the country, because yall are the only ones who have a voice in.
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