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Georgia voting tech alleges unsecure ballot handling

2020-12-08 | 🔗
Bridget Thorne joins ‘Fox & Friends’ with her firsthand account.
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Steve well, President Trump once again repeating his claims of voter fraud. You look at the polls. It was a rigged election. I look at the different states. The election was totally rigged, its a disgrace to our country, its like a third world country, these ballots pouring in from everywhere using machinery that nobody knows, and now we find out what we can do about it. You will see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days Steve, so we will be watching for that. Meanwhile, whistleblowers across the country have come out sharing, first hand accounts of election irregularities. Our next guest is a Fulton county. Georgia voting technician and said test ballots were handled in unsecure manner and Un Intis continuing Gicialg from live ballots here with more is Brigitte Thorn good morning to you good Morning, Steve Brijt. What were you hired to do? On election day? I was trained as a poll tech,
and I was third come down to the warehouse to help the twenty four employees that normally work. The warehouse were quarantined with Covid, so they this dominion, Healthcare running Steve. I read your affidavit three pages. Long very interesting stuff, one of the things that concerned you with each of the machines. You are supposed to run sample ballots, test ballots, that is to say, you think they should have been run on just regular paper, but instead they were run with the heavier card stock that people normally vote on. So you are worried that a sample ballot, a test ballot, is intis inindistinguishable from a real live ballot, correct, correct its the same roll in voter paper. There are reams of it all over the warehouse. Anybody could print you could print whatever ballots.
You wanted not only test, ballots, Steve yeah, so all these ballots- and I think there were over a dozen per machine- were printed and then what happened to them? I dont know. I assume there was a big suitcase in the middle of the warehouse that you could put stuff in to go to the shredder I, since anyone had access to that, I would pull a ballot before I put it in the shredder. Nobody else was directed to do anything of that like we cant let these ballots get in the wrong hands Steve. When you say spoil a ballot, you would run something through a QR code in the corner so that it was unusable, or else you would rip it apart. You did thousands of those so that they could not be used, or you know, as a real ballot thats. One of the things that concerns you dont know exactly the chain of custody. You dont know what happened to those ballots.
Correct all right tell us also a little bit about apparent there. There was a guy who was working there by the name of MIKE, and you had some problems with the way MIKE was operating so the last night I was there. We were then printing test ballots, they would lose these test ballots and we would have to reprint them and it was a very disorganized process and I decided to go out on the floor and leave the test ballot station. There was nobody at the test ballot area or table, and when I came back late at night 1000 at night thinking, I need to get my purse im going to go home. There was a dominion, employee and a consultant from the elections group from Chicago who had been there pretty much all week, but stayed in the back of the warehouse and he was I assumed they needed test ballots. So I just
sat down. How can I help in the dominion employee then left? I noticed the consultant walls just printing random ballots, and so I corrected him im like. Let me give you a lesson. This is how you print test ballots, so I taught him he is was do I have to vote for Trump? I said yeah you are going to have to vote, tore trump and then he shortly left I later find out. I thought he was a warehouse consultant background industrial engineering, my daughter, my husband, everybody is industrial engineer. I was talking about Georgia, tech and how great it would be to get students to come down here and help, and he never corrected me that he wasnt a warehouse engineer. The elections group has nothing to do with Warehousing Steve all those test and sample ballots. You dont know what happened to them. So you have a question. There was one other thing in your affidavit that was interesting. I think it was the day of the
election. You received an email that said there would be ACLU clerks for absentee parking lots in each precinct. Why were you troubled by the fact that there would be fact that there would be somebody from the ACLU there Precinct manager and my immediate concern was it was a partisan group having access to the voter compuputer base being a computer person having that database information as to who applied for an absentee ballot who turned theirs in and didnt turn it in and giving access to the database to a group was kind of a concern to me. I didnt know so. I contacted the Secretary of States Office and just put in my concern. I thought I should but the day of the election, my
ACLU clerk was able to use her personal lab top and she wasnt trained to collect an affidavit, which is the most important thing. When clearing a voter to vote on a machine Steve. Have you come forward because have you seen these irregularities? You dont know exactly what happened to the sample ballots. You dont know exactly what Mikes deal was you dont know what the ACLU involvement was, but you just were concerned. Given all of these allegations. Yes and then the a big concern was the handling of the early voting ballots that the real ballots that people voted on in state farm arena when they came in from the warehouse they were haphazardedly treated by anybody who wanted to Donald Trump, the ballots out of the scanner taboo later and there was no oath administered there. Werent two people present people were just dumping them in suitcases and then Leavingth suitcases on the floor and
taking a break for dinner or just quitting the job. I now in someones vote. It was disturbing to see that Steve exactly thats why you filed this affidavit and you talked to the Secretary of State as well Brigitte Thorn. Thank you very much for telling us your story and what you saw. Thank you all right. By the way we did reach out to.
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