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Geraldo Rivera reflects on covering war in Afghanistan

2020-09-06 | 🔗
Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Jed, you and I are sleeping in lets, bring in in he rally Vera the hard Geraldo Rivera hes been doing it for fifty years. Super cool and I think folks are going to the learn. An awe amazing amount about your storied career on Fox nation. First, both campaigns are now headed to Michigan Biden wanted to be in the basement. New hes headed to States like Wisconsin and Michigan, and this comes after some folks in husband base had been his base, had been clamoring for him to get out. This was Michael Me August 28th, the Biden campaign just announced theyll be visiting a number of states, but not Michigan. The enthusiasm level for the sixty million in Trumps base is off the charts for Joe, not so much dont. Leave it to the Democrats to get rid of trump. You have to get rid of Trump, so Geraldo hes going to Michigan.
Will it make a difference and whats the dynamic at play? Well, it may make a difference. Major its a situation where the midwest, the rust belt, which used to be firm hi in the democratic camp, was revealed in twenty. Sixteen by President Trump to be in play Michigan one of the key states. You know Hillary Clinton ignored the rust belt. She ignored the midwest and it cost her dearly im here in Ohio, which was a swing state. The president is beginning to tuck up now, hes a couple of pointses held in most surveys. I see itll be Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin Pennsylvania. Those will be the key determinants if Trump does as well in the Midwest as he did in two thousand and sixteen. I think the vice president will have a very, very hard row to hoe e and I think Michael Moores comment are spot on and I think that his reflexions
and assessment of the situation parallel my own Jedediah Geraldo. I could not agree more, but weve got to get to your special which drops tonight. Oh thanks, Jedediah tell us a little bit about it and what people can expect long or you know much longer than youve Bonn Earth been on Earth Jedediah. I started this in Labor day, one thousand nine hundred and seventy as a local newsman in New York. The next half century ive been honored to be one of the most resilient or enduring public figures in american life. Delighted that people have honored me thats a shot there from Afghanistan. Honored me with their trust, as I went around the world following american g dot, is into action or going to the earthquake or volcanic eruption or whatever the coup, whatever it was, that was relling havent to american people at the time.
This is in Somalia, which is one of the horrible places on earth its been quite a ride. I am delighted that people have trusted me delighted that people keep watching, sometimes they watch of and they disagree and they yell at the screen. Oh Geraldo, you ignorant slut laughter other times they say: go ahead, my hero do it for us. You know I just twenty years at Fox fifty years overall, its been an amazing ride will take a quick look at one of the clips from I am Geraldo. Okay, Torah, Boar Rah was a crazy place. We had a front row seat for the United States AIR Force and the United States Navy bombing the headquarters of Al Qaeda freedom fighters from the ground. Even as that bullet Zingedover, my head, I felt tremendous pride e that we were where we had to be
will. I am Geraldo fifty years part four. The warriors is available today. I spoken to you a few years ago. We sat down for an hour and ill just tell anybody watching Geraldos had a fast naughting life and career. I would encourage you to learn all about it. Thank you, man, PETE now I feel guilty for yelling at you all those times.
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