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Geraldo Rivera: ‘The American people want you to be well’

2020-10-02 | 🔗
Fox News Correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera reacts to President Trump and first lady Melania Trump testing positive for the coronavirus on ‘Fox & Friends.'
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Brian im not going to try it Steve, meanwhile lets bring in somebody who lives in Cleveland that would be Geraldo Rivera. He that would be Geraldo Rivera. He spoke to hip Hicks before diagnosis, our thoughts and prayers to president First lady and everyone suffer from Covid its devastating news and extremely troubling, and we got the news about hope with whom I was exchanging texts on Tuesday, that was on Tuesday last night we got the news that she had tested positive and immediately. Our concerns, Erika and mine went to the first family to the President of the United States that seemed to when he was talking to Sean that he was extremely concerned. You know
those tests take fifteen minutes, the quick ones. We all got the up the nose test in Cleveland with those half hour, forty five minutes and indication that the president already knew that if he was not negative, he would have said so. I see the implications threefold: medical, financial, medically. We are very, very concerned about the first family. The president first, as Dr Oz suggests very appropriately, both overweight, seventy four years old, but in good spirit. A lot of energy we will see where the disease takes us, but we must be thinking about the. We must be thinking about the third section, three of the amendment, where the vice president becomes president. If the president needs a ventilator and we are hoping that he doesnt need plasma treatment
as soon as hes out of danger about cavalier attitude over masks. I saw him in those rallies this week where people were behind him, but there were a lot of people there without masks behind the president and and Erika, and I were watching wait a second get those people out of there. There will be a political price to pay financially. We are worried about the markets. That, of course, is the least of all of this, but this is the kind of turmoil the country did not need, and I think betting on the debate less than two weeks from now is a real long shot back to you, Brian yeah. Absolutely I think the debate would go go into the thresholds of the quarantine and if the president is debating making remarks today on camera to say, hes, okay, I would imagine it would still come together. The other thing to keep in mind too. They have to agree on the rules. If they start changing debate rules, they made it clear yesterday, Rnc and the presidents camp, they will not
go along with that. Its more of a town, Hall Format, thats the subset of the headline today, but Geraldo in the big picture. There could be a good message sent here to the american public. You can get it, you can be a senior and you can beat it and go back. You got that from the rock. You got that from Tom Hanks. You get that from Robert Obrien. This is another thing. The most famous person in the world gets and beats it correct. Yes, but the Rock and Tom Hanks were extremely prudent Brian in the way they dealt with their diseases, and I want the president of the United States to take a break, take a break, for goodness sake, hes the 45th president of the United States. We want you to get better, we dont want you holding. You know little pocket campaign rallies. I think the american people would look at that Brian. I dont think so we want you to be healthy and test negatively once he has assured us hes on
the comeback trail Brian, you got it wrong if youre asymptomatic and you if youre asymptomatic and you isolate you- can do you- can isolate and not do anything if youre, okay, this disease kills old people Brian period. If you take it in a way that I can handle this because im a tough guy, then shame on you. I want him to be prudent now enough about. I have a mask in my pocket. Why wasnt the mask on your face, Mr President, Brian he was was talking enough Brian. We want him well absent that nothing else matters Brian Steve, yeah Geraldo. We should point out, within the last hour, we learned that the vice president and his wife have tested negatively. We have also
just learned that Steve Mnuchin and his wife as well have tested negatively so thats a really good, its a really good sign, because everybody in the West Wing is getting a test. Geraldoi will give you the last fifteen seconds. I send my best vibes to the President of the United States. Please get well, please the first lady you know the most underrated first, lady in history. We send our love and good vibrations to you. The american people want you to be well republican Democrat. All of us want you back on your feet and we want you to handle this thing. Be an example. We have the vaccine coming, we have the economic recovery coming and we have a rosy tomorrow coming, but weve.
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