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Gingrich: Kamala Harris will be worst vice presidential nominee since Tom Eagleton

2020-08-17 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich shares his thoughts on the Democratic and Republicanconventions and the presidential race.
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Keep your tvss right here on the Fox NEWS Channel lets bring in Newt Gingrich this morning, Fox NEWS, contributor, former presidential candidate and author of Trump and the american Future good morning to you, Newt good Morning, great to be with you Ainsley great to be with you exciting time for our country Dnc kicks off this week Rnc next week, Bernie Sanders is going to be speaking tonight for eight minutes from Vermont. The average speech is about otwo minutes. This is what Bernie said about. What we can expect couple points I will make is that the progressive movement has been making enormous progress, not only in electing candidates to Congress, not only in electing candidates to state legislatures, but also electing candidates running for district attorney, who are transforming criminal justice in America. Ainsley. When you hear a message like that, we are going to go so progressive. You know Kamala Harris, look at her voting record. She is radical in the way that she voted. Then Biden is an establishment democrat thats, the direction of this party.
Well, look. I think that in minus letter this week is going to say that this will be the high water mark before the collapse of the Biden Harris Ticket, which I think will clasp collapse and probably by election day, will resemble George Mcgovern in nineteen. Seventy two Rasmussen came out and said. Fifty five percent of the country does not think Biden will complete his first term, which means people are going to be looking at Harris as a president, not a vice president. At the same time, thirty nine percent of the country, according to Mass Muffin thinks Biden, has significant cognitive problems and they just sent out this really pathetic thing from the Biden Harris Campaign headquarters. That said, these two people are ready to lead from day one, and they have this weird picture of Harris and Biden in masks both of them looking down like they dont want to fall,
and that was their fundraiser five bucks for it. I didnt send it in it gives you a flavor of where they are going. One other pointed by the way. You know the police chief in Chicago believes that precisely the district attorneys that Bernie Sanders is proud of is the reason you are seeing an explosion in crime, because all of these George Soros funded, hard left district attorneys refuse to prosecute criminals, put them pack on the street where they go back to committing more crimes. What Sanders thinks is terrific has blown up in Seattle and Chicago and Portland. I think its madness that these people cannot figure out when you put criminals back on the street, you encourage them to commit more crimes. Brian talk about the election where its at polling do. They do show trends. Wall Street Journal has a poll out fifty to forty one. It turns out that they believe Biden is winning.
However, the CNN poll, which had trump trailing by fourteen points on June second now has him within four on August 12th and the 15th after Harris was named whats your take on that. Well, first of all, I dont think we know anything and I have been through lots of elections. Harry Truman was down thirteen points in September and won the campaign. George H Dot W Bush was down nineteen and won the campaign. Im very, do you know Yus about it? I do think that the contrast I mean think about what we are going to see this week. Donald Trump goes to Wisconsin, whereby DEN is supposed to be and Biden doesnt have the guts to go to Milwaukee, but Trump has the guts to go to Wisconsin Brian good Point, even though he is not getting nominated this week by the way. Remember accepting the nomination from the White House is something Delano Roosevelt did. This is not inappropriate for the president to do this, but I just think the contrast you are going to see day after
day I mean Harris is so far to the left. She is, and I wrote a column last week saying flatly she is an anti catholic bigot. I listed item by item by item. She was a disaster. She started at fifteen percent dropped to four before she dropped out dropped out before a single vote was cast. Why would you pick somebody to be the vice presidential candidate who collapsed from fifteen to four during the primaries, showed no ability to track black votes? In fact, I think there were five Democrats getting a larger share of the black vote than Harris and I just think she is going to be the worst vice presidential nominee, since Tom Engelton had to resign in nineteen. Seventy two for having to have electric shock treatments for depression. I think she is going to be disaster. Steve Joe Biden talks about every other time he has run for president. He has only gotten one percent of the vote, so it is what it is.
He will do better than that laughter, Brian. You dont believe the polls Steve yeah, fake news. I think he will get more than one percent thats. All I will say Steve Newt the number one topic over the last forty eight hours has been how the post office is not prepared for the election and the reasonable is because the postal officials came out and said you know there are certain states. Where can you request a ballot up to about forty eight hours before election day? We cant get it out and we cant get it back. Can you please explain to the folks watching why the post office is messed up? It has been messed up since you were speaker, first of all, as the postmaster General has tried to say to no avail with the national left wing media Post office Handels enormous number of mail at Christmas. This is not a question about the volume of mail. The problem is, you have some states New York State, for example, they just took nine weeks to count a congressional primary
nine weeks that mean they wouldnt finish, counting the presidential campaign until after the constitutional requirement to vote on the electoral college on December 20th, I think the postmasters concern isnt the post office, its a series of states so incompetent that if you suddenly try to pile this whole thing into two or three or four days, they are going to have thousands of ballots that they throw out. They have tremendous problems counting them. I think the post office can handle the mail now. I think maybe the states ought to have to say you got to have your ballot in three days earlier or its got to be postmarked as of election day. All of that the post office can handle. This is a bad wrap. The post office is getting it isnt, the problem. The problem is you start doing what Nevada is doing where they said they want to send out a ballot to everybody and the Post office came back and said: look two hundred thousand of these names. Dont live there. They are not there anymore. Why would we send a ballot to
sit at an apartment complex for some political corona to pick it illegally? The problem is not voting by mail if its an absentee ballot. If we know how are perfectly legitimate, the president has said this over and over again the problem is mass mailing to people who may be dead. I think in Michigan last week they announced there are eight hundred and some ballots disqualified, because the voter was dead. Now it is an old tradition in Chicago. You are allowed to vote for at least three jeerntions. After have you died most of the country, thats, not a legitimate tradition, and I think its just a remind to people. If you want to have an honest, accurate election, can you do it and you can have the post office help you do it, they do it in Washington State they do it in Oregon. They know how to do this. You go to this wide open, send out letters to everybody, even if they dont exist, even if they move guy was telling
me that he left California twenty one years ago and still gets a ballot to vote and thats. Why? I think the difference I think the post office can handle this im, not worried about that. The states cant there are a number of states that cannot do this. They will collapse.
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