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Gingrich: Trump has obligation to defend innocent Americans who are not being protected by city governments

2020-07-21 | 🔗
President Trump vows to send the federal government into cities facing violence despite backlash from local leaders; Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich weighs in.
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I did learn that my english teacher, Ms Hayes, might be watching overnight thousands of protesters hitting the streets of Portland Oregon for the 54th straight night. Listen to this overcome. We shall overcome some day, Griff the large crowd singing outside the Portland Javits Center. They are protesting the federal officers in the city, protecting a sign on the city, reading FED goons out of Pdx Steve rallying against to send one hundred and seventy five federal officers to the city. The move comes after violent clashes with protesters and police. Three right now here in New York City lets, go to Rome and bring in Newt Gingrich Fox NEWS, contributor, former speaker of the house and author Trump and the american future. Mr Speaker, good morning to you
good to be with you Steve. You know it was yesterday that we did the story that apparently the president of the fraternal order of police in Chicago asked. The president please. The mayor here is inept. Doesnt know what she is doing send in the feds. According to John Roberts, as of last night, there were no plans to send further law enforcement from the federal level in across these communities. But you know the president is taking a lot of heat for doing just that, because the mayors are going, we didnt ask for them. We dont need them. Well, look. I think if you are a left wing, Radical Democrat and you dont mind seeing the federal courthouse in Portland under attack and you are unwilling to defend it. I dont know what grounds you have to stand on. If you are the mayor of a radical left wing, democratic, radical left wing, democratic mayor of ceilings, you think taking over six or seven square blocks is the summer of love until people start getting
killed or the mayor of Chicago Chicago and New York in one weekend had one hundred and fifty two Americans shot in one weekend now, at what point does the President of the United States have an obligation to defend innocent Americans whose city governments refuse to defend them? You may remember in the 1960s, the government sent the FBI into Mississippi when civil rights workers were being killed and it was clear that the local police would not hunt down who killed them and so and because they were Americans, they deserve protection. The only test give every American is this. If you have had six weeks of rioting in Portland, you have a left wing mayor, a democratic mayor who refuses to defend the american governments, courthouse whats the obligation of the President of the United States. Just let them burn down the courthouse or to go in and defend it. I think the president ultimately has no choice except to defend federal property and, frankly,
at some point to step in and defend american citizens Ainsley. This is what the president said on that Newt. Listen to this im going to do something that I can tell you, because New York and Chicago and Philadelphia, and Detroit and Baltimore and all of these Oakland is a mess, were not going to let this happen in our country all run by liberal Democrats, we will have more federal law enforcement that I can tell you Portland. They have done a fantastic job, they have been there three days and they really have done a fantastic job in a very short period of time. No problem, they grab them a lot of people in jail. They are leaders these a anarchists. These are not protesters, people say protesters. These people are anarchists. These are people that hate our country and were not going to let it go forward, Ainsley Newt. What is the direction of our country? You? Because we are so divided on this? Some want defunding and some want to dismantle entire police departments. But then you have others that
want our police. That say there are just a few bad apples and we need to get rid of those. We want our children, our children, protected whats, the directions go for it because of the propaganda media, New York Times the Washington Post, the big networks, because they are all so rabidly left wing, now its very hard to get the truth about the american people. Pugh did a poll about two weeks ago. Twelve percent of the country wants to deeply defund the police. Fourteen percent of the country wants a little defunding, but not too much. Seventy five percent of the country is against defunding the police, which is why you watch Biden trying to be on both sides of the issue, claiming he is really not for defunding, but he is for shifting resources, but he couldnt call that defunding, even though the money was coming out of the police department. He knows he has to dance now, because left is adamant about defunding. When AOC says defund, she means zero dollars,
not just a cut, so Biden is trying to ride both horses, which he wont be able to do the average miner. The person is not going to be on the today show they are not going to be on meet the press. The average person looks at the riots in Seattle, the riots in Portland the weekend, murders in Chicago eighteen people murdered in one weekend and the average person says you know I would like to have safety. I would like to have calm well. Last time we had this left wings revolutionary cycle, late, 60s, early 1970s, two hundred bombings. It ended because people got put in jail, it didnt end because we all sang Kum Ba yah. It ended because the federal government methodically hunted down the people, breaking the law and locked them up. I think same cycle again. This is the second time we have seen a surge of left wing revolutionaries who would like
to do. I have America, the last time was basically 67 72. It will have to end the same way. Its tragic. That Biden wont come out from his basement and indicate he is against the demonstrations and riots and looting in places like Portland, I mean, would Biden protect an american courthouse, or is he against protecting american courthouses? Would Biden do something to save lives in Chicago, or does he just think as long as the left wing democratic mayor is happy with it? What does he care? What happens to South side Chicago Griff? Well, we will see Newt. Let me ask you: you mentioned the average American on a different subject. A lot of average Americans are suffering because the pandemic continues, and here in Washington, today Democrats Pelosi Schumer meeting with White House officials mnuchin on stimulus package. It clearly appears the price tag is a big sticking point.
Mcconnell wants a one dollar trillion package. Pelosi has already passed a three dollars trillion one and, of course the President is saying. Look I want a payroll tax cut in this, otherwise I will consider not signing it. What do you make of where things stand and how do they get on the same page? Well, look. I think, first of all its a mess right now, but everybody has an interest Mitch. Mcconnell has made it very clear. His highest interest is liability, protection for businesses and governments. I suspect that Schumer and Pelosi will decide that they have to get aid to the local governments and they have to get aid to the teachers unions and I think, if the president hangs tough. This will all come down to Trump. If the president hangs tough tax cut, which I very strongly favor and those people who worry about the trust fund, can you put money in the trust fund from general debt? You dont have to do it just
through the payroll tax. Nothing will help small business more than a payroll tax cut and one year holiday on the payroll tax would make virtually every small business in America dramatically stronger and healthier and increase the number of people they could hire and major step towards getting us back towards recovery. Look what the teachers unions are demanding in order to go back to school, not concerned about the children not concerned about the virus. They have all sorts of political demands that make including defunding the police that make no sense at all, except for left wing activists who now run the teachers Unions Steve. Without a doubt, this legislation would be to combat the effects of the coronavirus. No doubt Newt. There are a million topics that american voters will decide on in one hundred and four days when we go to the polls. But nonetheless, the number one by a mile is the coronavirus and how its impacting every facet of american life tonight, the president is going
to rye start. His corona briefings coronavirus briefings at the White House. Some advisors had told him to pull the plug, but they went too long. He was trying to beat up reporters and stuff like that, but we had Kellyanne Conway on the program on Friday. She said: look when he was doing those he was getting the word out. He looked like he was taking the initiative and he seemed engaged in it. Do you think its a good idea? He does that the day after he announced that wearing a mask was patriotic. I think he should do them with three conditions. I hope he will in fact wear a mask. I mean if it was just a one time gimmick its going to backfire if he will take seriously what he said. Patriotism involves protecting your neighbors and your friends wearing a mask is appropriate and I think if he himself would wear a mask that will do as much
as any single thing to send a signal to the country. He is serious. Second, these ought to be very short briefings. His part ought to be fifteen to twenty minutes, get off stage and third, and he has got great things boy. The way breakthroughs on the vaccines are unbelievable would only occur because of Trump, because he cut through all the federal red tape we may have two or three vaccines by late. This fall good news to tell people give them the Good NEWS, get off stage, and let people talk to the ceos to the companies and public health officials not Trump, and he should take no, no questions. This president cannot help himself and if he opens it up to questions, he will get in a running brawl with reporters who hate him Reagan would have understood this. It makes no sense to let people who hate you get equal time on national television and he ought to say heres what I have to say to the american people. Here are some great people. You
can ask substantive questions to see you later and come back tomorrow and do the exact same thing in between every time he is in public. He ought to be wearing Activistma thats whats, going to convince people that he is serious about this Steve im, one hundred percent behind you Newt. I need to issue a correction. If you go to vote in one hundred and four days, it will be the day before the polls open the polls open one hundred and five days from today, thatS November. The third all right had to set that straight by the way most of the country starts voting much earlier than election day. So you are covered Ainsley. I have had a boss Newt I was working on Christmas answered came in and I said what are you doing here, thats so nice to be here, go with be your family. He said I would never ask my employee does do anything. I wouldnt do im a leader here.
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