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Global service app links volunteers, charities

2020-09-19 | 🔗
Global Service Institute Chair Rita Cosby discusses the function of her app that links volunteers with charities, and how boxing legend Evander Holyfield and Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann got involved.
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Over to you will will thanks Jed a new app is making it easier than ever to give back all the while instilling values of patriotism and service in our nations, young people, the Global Service institute connecting nonprofits in need with local volunteers, and they are getting some of the biggest names in television and sports to help lead the charge got a couple of champions three really to help lay it out for us, tv host and chair of the Global Service Institute, Rita Cosby Boxing Legend and Champ Evander Holyfield and Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann, all with us here this morning, Rita its your project. Lets start with. You tell us about this app this project matching volunteers to service projects. Well, you know, will I was looking at what was happening in the country and I partnered with Long Island University, which is a highly acclaimed highly accredited. They have more than two hundred and sixty five accredited programs long established university, and we were talking originally
about me- maybe doing a speech or event there. Then we set lets do something bold and transformative. Overall, we created the global service instituted at Liu. What it is its programs- we are talking speakers we are talking scholarships, a whole array and part of it is this incredible app that you just brought up, which is called the global service app, and it will instantly connect volunteers with charities that are in dire need, but its really a full service program at Long Island University, because Global Institute to inspire generations about giving back not just professionally but also personally, and we want to be able to make a difference, especially at this time in the world, we saw a void in education. We said lets do something that Quarterbackcan be a game. Changer breaking im, proud to be a part of it. Will you got huge names to be a part like the two gentlemen on
our screen lets start with you, Champ Ehave Ander. I spoke with you not long ago on a different network about perhaps coming back to fight in the ring. At that time it was about charity as well, about giving back. Tell me ehave, Ander, why service and volunteerism is so important to you. The role faith has played in making this a big support of your life. Well, its important to me because, as a kid I grew up poor if I wouldnt have been given that opportunity, I wouldnt be the person I am. I actually went to the boys club and didnt have the money, but the lady that was working there. She allowed me to come in because she didnt want me to walk back home by myself at six years old, so she gave me that quarter that quarter gave me the opportunity to be the person. Ohio am today, will Joe one of the great acts of service in my life as a cowboy fan to be able to forgive any red skin legend. But here we are, and I have to ask you, so what is it? I know you have a long term relationship with Rita.
You guys know each other. What is it about service and specifically what you hope to give back? Well, I think, thank you will laughter. The thing is, I feel, like some of us are so blessed in our lives. I think every one of us are and its an opportunity to be able to give something back with the Global Service Institute. It connects universities as Rita mentioned, but it also highlights the educational process that we are involved. In now I mean its a chance for people to actually look at whats going on. There are so many things happening. There is the fires. You have the floods, you have the social unrest that were dealing with its a chance to be able to get out and serve others. I really believe that were put on this earth not to be served but to serve others and thats. What the Global Service Institute is able to do im proud to be an honorary board member and I they hope, inspires other people to say: look, everybody can take the time you can take the time and make the time to be able to give back, and I think, thats what is so vitally important. This is a time when people need our help
its a great opportunity, especially for the young people, to be able to go out and say: listen. Can I get involved in other ways in helping other peoples lives to get better? All three of you important to point out, as have you noted, not just important about giving back to others in divisive time when everybody is pulling so far apart, good for the soul to get out and help somebody Rita Joe Ehave Ander, once you.
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