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‘Good decision’ for local authorities to not enforce coronavirus lockdown orders: Rob Smith

2020-12-08 | 🔗
The podcast host weighs in on business owners’ fights against lockdowns on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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If we dont take a stand now, if we dont take a stand now, who will follow unjust and unconstitutional mandate? What are they supposed to? Do I mean thats, not the America. We live in thats, not the America. I want them to grow up in and so thats. What is really important than my livelihood, my livelihood that can come and go, but our constitution cannot its here to stay. We are going to be open. Every day were going to keep fighting were going to keep standing were going to keep doing what we are supposed to be doing as Americans, that is fighting for our rights, Brian hearing, that in Santa Monica and Staten Island and throughout the country now, as small business owners bar owners. In that case, standing up and saying im not going to shut down, I have nowhere else to go, Rob Smith host of always a soldier. Rob Smith is problematic podcast. It took eight months, but people are standing up and demanding to seat science behind the lock down thats, shutting them down, sometimes for good
yeah. It did take a while, but im glad they are also. They are seeing that there is no science behind these shut downs on outdoor and indoor dining. We had the testing czar say yesterday on this very network that there is no science behind this. For me, I really like watching this video, because I love seeing a black american female business owner standing up and saying the constitution is for me too, because so many of these conversations are being framed in black vs white and its not that its really freedom lovers, vs tyranny, which is really going on here. I think that something that is really not looked at enough is the fact that so much wealth has been transferred from small businesses to big box corporations. You know, have you got target Walmart doing better than ever, while small businesses suffer, and nobody can tell me or any other business owner, that a couple of people inside a
restaurant eating is any different than people packing target to go Christmas shopping, Steve sure? What do you make of the fact that there are a number of sheriffs? In fact, we are going to talk to law enforcement. A little later on in this program is not going to enforce these suggestions by the governors, because the people who are keeping their businesses open are keeping them open because covid is not deadly because it is, but because its all about survival for them and their families and their business absolutely look. I think the law enforcement are doing the right thing, starting toe, so a trend. I believe there was a sheriff in California. That said, I will not use the force of the law to crack down on otherwise law abiding citizen that are standing up to continue to get their livelihood. I think its a really good decision on the part of these law enforcement officers. I think we will see more of it as more small business owners stand up, Ainsley business owner in Saint Anthony Minnesota.
She just wanted to decorate her house for Christmas, put up lights outside which most Americans do her neighbor or someone in the community wrote her an anonymous letter. They didnt put their name on it. Of course, Steve. Never the idea of twinkling colorful lights are a reminder of division that continue to run through our society, a remind of systemic biases against our neighbors, who dont celebrate Christmas or cant afford to put up lights of their own. We must do work, educating ourselves about the harmful impact an outward facing display like yours, can have whats your reaction. Look, you know. I talk a lot about this on. The Rob Smith is problem that the particular MOD cast its not the Grinch who stole Christmas, the left stealing Christmas. This is completely ridiculous and the idea that, because somebody else has Christmas lights and you dont, this is somehow wrong its actually to tell you the truth, a fairly socialist idea. We are seeing the leftism kind
of creep in to our Christmas tradition. If you look on Twitter, there was a Santa that left an 8 year old boy in tears, because Nerf Gun this year, Nerf Gun this year Steve. As long as you are socially distanced away from the person you are shooting Brian im, not getting it from.
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