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GOP congresswoman-elect on how daughter's preexisting condition sparked her political journey

2020-12-10 | 🔗
Beth Van Duyne joins 'Fox & Friends' to explain why she calls ObamaCare 'one of the biggest lies' in U.S. history.
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Ainsley, Texas, back in the Ainsley Texas, back in the Supreme Court, once again urging justices to strike down Obamacare the states. Next republican congresswoman, Beth Van Duyne, calling health care law, one of the biggest lies in american history. It was her daughters, pre, existing health condition that first got her into politics, and she says reform is needed that the affordable healthcare act is failing. America, Congresswoman Elect Beth Van Du Yne joins us now good morning. Tell us your story about your daughter. Well, you know my daughter when she was first born. She was identified as having an eye condition. They didnt know necessarily what it was, but she ended up having nine surgeries her first year and we had to fight with companies to make sure those were covered. No parent should have to do that, but what we found was- and this is a long time ago, but preexisting conditions are very important that we have covered. I dont think any Republican would say anything different,
but the fact is that, through the affordable care act, even the Washington Post called it. You know the biggest lie of the year. Part of the problem is everything that they promised was a complete failure. They promised they were going to have a relationship between doctors who be able to keep your doctor that didnt happen. They promised it was going to have effects on increasing quality that didnt happen. The exact opposite happened. They said it was going to cause less expensive insurance and weve all seen our insurance rates skyrocket were getting less quality, less care and its costing us more money, and you think about today that was that bill was drafted under Nancy Pelosi in the middle of the night and now fast forward to today, where youve got Nancy Pelosi, who has knowingly and proudly publicly admitted that she has not passed a covid relief funding which has caused the suffering of millions of people all for political politics. She didnt want to pass a bill under President Trump and now
were in a position right now, where millions of Americans are needlessly suffering. People who cant put food on their table, cant pay their mortgage, have lost everything all their small businesses because of political failure, and you know I would say to those folks the proud Democrats who stood up and said they were going to be an independent voice, that they were going to not be a Pelosi puppet. They need to stand up to a speaker whose caused need less suffering and because of that, because she has proudly admitted publicly that she would not provide the relief for millions of Americans. Nancy Pelosi is unfit to be speaker of the House Ainsley. So when you go to Washington, what do you want to do? I want to work with people who actually want to get things done. I want to work with people who are caring of the american people who dont want to see them needlessly suffer? Who recognize that in the days that were in that we have a lot of work to do that we need to work together and that we need to stop just looking at the sound bites and getting together
working on affordable care act and working on not affordable care. But working on healthcare that will actually provide quality Ainsley. You want options right and lack at folks who are suffering right now and realize Congress has a job to do and that we cannot stand by a speaker who would cause needless suffering of millions of Americans for no reason other than she doesnt want to pass a bill under President Trump Ainsley. Thank you so much. We wish you all the best.
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