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GOP North Carolina congressional candidate's home vandalized

2020-10-14 | 🔗
Republican North Carolina congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn tells 'Fox & Friends' his house was vandalized.
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Steve authorities in North Steve authorities in North Carolina are investigating, after activists allegedly vandalized, the home of a congressional candidate 25 year old republican contender, Madison Cawthorn, says his property, as well as local businesses and homes show support for his campaign were targeted by Antifa groups, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage here now, North Carolina congressional candidate, Madison cawthorn Madison Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve. How are you doing Steve im doing okay but im a little surprised apparently at 455 in the morning there were people out on your lawn doing what back on Friday October nine ninth, I was waking up to go. Take engagement, photos with my fiancee, which I was very excited about. Then I wake up to these vandals little punks on my driveway. They were glueing some of my signs to the driveway. They were spray painting, pretty not so subtle threats on to them, and then they were cutting the head and neck out of my signs
all over the district. Also, they went after our billboards that were supporting our agriculture, our farmers, the people kept us afloat through Covid, 19 Steve. I understand, apparently, the Republican Party office for Hinder Son County also vandalized right indeed its no surprise, because this is no JFK Democrat that we are running against in this country. We are not voting for Joe Biden or Donald Trump, its too completely world views. One world view on the left says its okay to get violent to try to get what you want its pretty childish, Steve your opponent, Democrat Mo Davis. We were speaking during the commercial break and you were talking about how he has had history of inflammatory tweets. That apparently, are still up. Are you suggesting that some of his tweetsz got people so agitated? They came and did this stuff to you? Absolutely you look at Maxine Waters last year, back in June, say go to
their home, get in their face in restaurants or see my opponent last year to say: go for the head and neck and snap the spines of g dot, op members, people like myself, you seeee his followers, have actually acted out on that instruction. Going after the head and neck of my sign, which I believe is indicative of a threat toward myself, Steve Madison, we did get a statement from your opponent Mo Davis. He said I have no reasonable to believe that the actions reported last week had anything to do with my campaign or my supporters. Vandalizing signs does nothing to aid my campaign. I do not condone violence by anyone left right or center, and anyone who engages in such conduct should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. How does that sound to you? It sounds hypocritical and trying to paint himself as a moderate. What Joe Biden is doing when his policies are are as far left as they can be. My opponent has said this five separate times all throughout
the past two years, advocating to break the necks of people in the Republican Party, which I think is pathetic and sad. You know this is not a country that I wants to raise children in one where a political difference means that you condone violence. I want us all to come together as Americans and work towards a brighter future. The liberals seem to have gotten so far left gotten so divisive that there is no way that they can have middle ground with us anymore, Steve yeah. You said that that day you were going to have engagement, photos taken. Congratulations on your engagement Madison! Thank you. You know im a pretty lucky guy. She said yes Steve indeed thats great. By the way we did invite your opponent Mo Davis on the program. He has not yet responded. Madison. Thank you very much for joining us today from Hendersonville North Carolina Steve its an honor. Thank you very much Steve great to have you as well. Thank you. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has a message for some voters ahead of election day. Why should people who feel that theyre better off today under the Trump Administration
vote for you? Well, if they think that they probably shouldnt Steve thats, an unusual message, Rachel Campos Duffy, says: thats, not the first time Biden has treated voters that way she joins us live next.
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