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GOP senators grill James Comey on Russia probe

2020-10-01 | 🔗
Former FBI director denies having knowledge of key information in the Russia investigation; Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz shares his thoughts on Comey testimony.
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Thank you for doing that Steve. Thank you. Brian congratulations, Ainsley James Comeys, grill him on origins of the russian probe. What effort had been made to verify the dossier in October? I dont know specifically. Did you ask any questions or do any due diligence on this at all? I dont remember anything about the facts that have been revealed recently about the Subsource. With all due respect, you dont seem to know anything about an investigation that you ran Brian wow here to react. Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz. He had a much different attitude even a few years ago, so when he agreed quickly to do this, you almost knew something was up. Was he promoting the movie or does he have a second book? Well, he probably has another book in the works, but you know hes on the
record some times on his books in his interviews just incredulous about how this whole thing was done and Senator MIKE Lee is absolutely right. This was not done by a field office somewhere. This was at the main headquarters at the FBI, one of the most consequential and important investigations, and when did you go through that hearing that he went through time and time again, I dont recall I dont know I didnt look at that. That was below me. It wasnt important to me. Are you kidding me and you know what in the Senate needs to get up a lot of the other people around him im tired from hearing from Comey that the prosecutor should be going after him. There are other people that the Senate, and certainly the Durhams of the world, should be looking at Steve. You know what you just did a good promo for us. We have Senator Lee coming up in our 800 eastern hour, stay tuned for that. Nonetheless, here is the former FBI director talking a little bit about how the controversy and all this trump stuff- you know it just
doesnt. Remember watch, do you recall getting an inquiry from the excuse me, the intelligence community in September, two thousand, and sixteen about a concern that the Clinton campaign was going to create a scandal regarding Trump and Russia. It doesnt ring bells with me: thatS, a pretty stunning thing: it didnt ring a bell, Steve Jason Chaffetz. How do you, as the former FBI director, forget important details about an investigation into a presidential candidate and their campaign? Its totally inexcusable? What you can look at is that document, as released by John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence, its something like the next day. The Clinton campaign is actually out there doing those types of things, so that document was in their possession. It has now been declassified and you can look at what the Clinton campaign actually did, and I tell you when I was the
chairman and I sat there with James Comey, and we were talking about Hillary Clinton and her emails. The biggest issue that he made was intent. He said, oh well, I couldnt prove intent. This goes to intent. Now it is a russian document. It needs to be investigated, but that has got to ring bells, but that has got to ring bells at the highest levels: Toe FBI, Ainsley biggest story in twenty sixteen biggest story. The media avoids covering this look at this ABC zero minutes. Nbc zero minutes, CBS zero minutes Steve did we forget to pay our cable bills Ainsley evening NEWS, keep in mind why didnt they cover did I got to tell you when I sat there as the chairman, and we were doing these investigations time and time and time again, the biggest publications, the so called news organizations were totally incurious because it was negative about Hillary Clinton and her candidacy
and then about the Obama Biden administration. They never asked a question or had a peep, but the moment Donald Trump was going to become the president of the United States. Oh, my gosh were worried about everything. His kids. They put Donald Trump Jr on the cover of time magazine for saying, caught red handed Hunter Biden, where you have a Senate report detailing all of this. The financial transactions putting money in his pocket. Well, Joe Biden is the vice president and there is nothing out there. It is absolutely shameful. It is an embarrassment to this country and shame on those national media organizations who never report this and say: oh its been debunked. Joe Biden said its debunked by who nobody, he should have gotten a follow up question and he should be asked that question every single time the media has a chance Brian. I was surprised Ukraine wasnt a topic at the very least if it isnt true, let Joe Biden tell us way to isnt true. It has nothing to do just
tell us what you had to do with it, and that includes the China link too, and with this Comey did admit. If he knows what he knows now, he wouldnt have went for that FISA warrant against Carter page he actually wouldnt have gotten it, and Mccabe is next Wednesday, but Brian. Where is the court? How many people can go to a court and lie to the court, submit documents that were false and the court just sit back and do nothing Brian? I know shame on chief Justice Roberts that court should be holding these people accountable as well Brian. They should be madder than everybody else, even madder.
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