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Gov. Huckabee slams ‘The Atlantic’ on Trump’s alleged fallen heroes remarks, says Sarah Sanders was in room

2020-09-06 | 🔗
Former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee explains on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Jed well get it fixed, well get Jeds mic up and running thanks for being here. By the way, I love the name of your new book. Its fantastic react to this idea and Joe Biden hitting the trail here, and you know: where are they going with all of this? Well, the amazing thing I dont know if Kamala Harris Actual thinks that Donald Trump is in a laboratory late at night, mixing up some vaccine samples and hes going to personally go out and inject her with it. We hear from the left all the time. Follow the science follow the science so when scientists are charged with the idea of coming one with a vaccine and they end up doing it- and she says im not going to take that now, shes with the Jenny Mccarthys and the Anti vaccers, they get it and theyre not going to take it because Donald Trump was president when it was developed. Thats insane
will governor id love to get your reaction on manager. Bernie Sanders was talking about he mentioned. If Trump is elected on election night and mail in balloting comes back a week later ill read. You exactly what he said to politico alert the american people about what a nightmare scenario might look like in order to prepare them for that possibility and talk about what we do. If that happens, hes painting a very dark picture for that time around the election governor, your reaction, why is it the left, who is pushing the mail in ballots are already predicting that the mail in ballots are going to swing the election after the election? To the Democrat? Does that not seem just a little bit weird that theyre setting us up to have that scenario, and this requested idea that Trump wont leave unless he was kicking and screaming
four years ago on inauguration are day the launch of the resis dance theyve resisted Donald trumps tax cuts, his efforts to bring the world safer with historic foreign policies, trade deals on and on the list goes theyve resisted every bit of it, even the things they said they wanted like Daca like infrastructure, like police reform, the president lays it on the table and suddenly they dont want it because hes at the table, this is unsane and I hope the american people understand. We need to not just vote. We need to vote en masse. This needs to be a land slide, that they cannot steal, but going out and finding some ball otts. They were able to harvest after the election PETE. No doubt governor ive got to get your reaction to a story weve been covering for a couple of days. The Atlantic, which is owned by big fans of Joe Biden and a
piece, was written by Jeffrey Goldberg whos, a big fan of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, not so much Donald Trump made anonymous sources to claim. Donald Trump made remarks about fallen heroes. Your daughter was there and didnt hear him say anything like that. Can you explain more of what she saw and also your reaction to it? Well, this story is utterly phony and ive heard people say well its been confirmed because other people have confirmed it. The same unmaim named unnamed anonymous sources, that is an affirmation of the original lie the people who are being named. My daughter, Hogan Gidley, Nikki, Haley E General Keith, Kellogg PETE, not to mention John Bolton, governor yeah, no fan of the president these days, and even he said it was rain that kept them away with. This is one more attempt. This
is about as phone, if not worse, than russian collusion, which turned out to be a big bag of gas. When people say something has been confirmed by another course, if the same source is anonymous, its bogus as Larry Gatlin, my dear friend, would call it bovine droppingsing when you cant, stand up and name the source, its, not a, really reliable story. So you would say to the people pushing this stuff. Get us a name put him on the record, put him under oath, but its not true, and the people who were there and saw it theyre willing to stand up by name put their names to the effect and say this is an outright lie against the president. And how funny was it that the very day this article came out, the Biden campaign had an ad that just magically appeared because theyre so smart theyre, so so prescient that they were able to foresee this article a coming out and go ahead and put together a tv ad. Even before the article broke,
thats, pretty amazing wouldnt, you say, as somebody would say, they must have ESPN or something over this laughter Jedediah thanks so much for being here governor and for giving us your take. As always, we appreciate it.
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