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Gov. Newsom is ‘incredibly hypocritical’ for eating at restaurant amid stay-at-home order: San Diego mayor

2020-11-21 | 🔗
San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer says California needs ‘leadership that demonstrates by example.’
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I should have stood up and I should have stood up and walked back, got in my car and drove back to my house, the guidelines etc. The spirit of what I am preaching all the time. What I am preaching all the time was contradicted: Gavin Newsom on the defense. After defining his own covid 19 restrictions and attending a dinner party in an upscale restaurant with two of the states dot medical officials photos show them without masks. Despite the governors statewide mask mandate, the hypocrisy could cost Newsom his title. My next guest says hes, considering challenging Newsom in two thousand and twenty two San Diego mayor, Kevin Falconer, joined me now welcome to the show. What do you make of Gavin Newsoms actions and his apology good morning good morning I will tell you it is incredibly hypocritical. That is what makes so many Californians angry. At a time. People are being asked to sacrifice one of the worst
economic recessions ever to have the governor, not practice what you preaches go to one of the most lavish expensive restaurant in the country and break his own rules and executive orders. That is not leadership. We need new leadership in Sacramento. We need a governor that can actually bring people together, because that is what we need right now right now are you concerned the reaction of California? Residents will be to say, I am not doing it not going to wear a mask or socially distance if hes not doing it. Why should I do it? I am, and some other folks are as well ive been out front, a lot encouraging people to do the right thing to wear that mass practice, distancing hygiene, social distancing. We want everybody to be safe, but when the governor doesnt follow his own orders, it makes people not want to follow them. The whole idea is that there is rules for you, but not for him,
normally hypocritical, but works against what we are trying to do against what we are trying to do in California, which is keep everybody healthy. It is a difficult time. That is why leadership is so incredibly important, particularly as we go into the holidays and thanksgiving. We need leadership that we need leadership that demonstrates by example. Jedediah people are getting tired of politicians, not practicing what they preach. Do you feel that people will be holding him accountable for these actions in terms of perhaps voting for someone else next time around Californians need a change. There are so many issues in California that are not being solved. We look to our schools. We are not seeing leadership from the governor in Sacramento. As we see half one million Californians waiting for their unemployment checks. You cant get the breakdown in you, cant get the breakdown in
our unemployment department. We see homelessness, spiraling out of Control San Diego County, the only county that is going down over the last two years and im proud of what we have done. These difficult times require leadership and bringing people together, and that is where this state needs to go.
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