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Gov. Noem explains how Georgia elections will impact families across America

2021-01-05 | 🔗
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem rallies Georgia voters for Republican Sens. Perdue and Loeffler to fight Democrats' law enforcement agenda.
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Will be determined today, so we will continue to check back in with you guys, thank you for being there in Georgia and bringing to our viewers what the voters down there are thinking lets bring in the governor of South Dakota. You were in Georgia campaigning for Kelly David Purdue. The president was down that he warned of the high stakes and that, if republicans lose both these here is what will happen. We will get your reaction. We will get your reaction. They want to turn the Democrats, America into Venezuela with no jobs, no prosperity, no rights, no freedom. They will raise your taxes on the middle class to pay for socialism. The Democrats will surrender the entire US manufacturing industry entire US manufacturing industry to China.
They will immediately, you know what is going to open american borders and allow tens of millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country from every corner of the globe, the better the turnout, the better for Republicans. What are you expecting today? That is true, and I expect Republicans to show up and make sure they are a to defend this country. I was in Georgia when Kelly debated war to the knock and it astounded me to watch the debate and the theme she specifically asked him did announce. Socialism cant specifically asked him to denounce Marxism and he refused, and that should have told the story about the choice we have today for this country going forward. My hope is everybody understands the consequences. Leadership. The consequences leadership
does have consequences. When you give the ability to go to DC and represent, you make sure they are experienced, that theyve been in public office before that theyve run businesses, they have followed far from their shoulders when people are on the ground. Youve been on the ground in Georgia, and I heard going into this runoff the this runoff. The number one issue this runoff, the number one issue for voters for republicans- is defund the police, especially with the military community, and when you see what a seventy in Portland with anarchists by left wing mayor the same thing in Seattle. With that the one issue, what issues do Georgians care about? Several issues came up. One of the issues was there is no mother that wants to raise her children on the streets of Portland today, and was we see in Democrat cities could happen coast to coast in this country.
If we let Democrats run every branch of Washington DC theyve not stood by law enforcement officers, theyve not enforced. The law in this country and weve seen this country and weve seen that what is going on the last several months Kelly and David Love law enforcement. They recognize, we have one enforcement for a reason and they should be enforced and there should be consequences. That is an important discussion, but I recognize people understand the Marxism, the communism, socialism discussion and what their life looks like six months from now. If their expenses go up and they have less money in their pocket, because Democrats raise taxes, we could, in a year and a half or two years, see four dollars to five dollars gasoline as a result, a democrat policy. It is not just a country ten years from now, but what does your familys opportunities look
like? If we let Democrats do what theyve been campaigning about Todd? We had an hour and a half ago, a woman by the name of Lauren Bogert from Colorado. Now a member of the House of Representatives has the distinction. People have been reading about the incoming member of commerce who will carry her gun to the jobbing Capitol Hill shes, the one here she is defending her right. As we should point out, it is in the law that you can carry on the campus of Congress. She will needed in Washington DC. Listen very interesting that in the very interesting that in the United States of America there is so much controversy over second amendment rights, theres, an uproar over people wanting to defend myself.
I am in one of the most dangerous cities in America. The violent crime rate is one hundred and fifty eight times higher than the national average. I will be walking alone a lot. I dont go to work in an armored vehicle or have police escort. I am my own security here and my most basic right is the right to defend myself. I understand that, but my immediate family knocked on the streets of Washington DC in the last year. I understand her concern. Yesterday, the incoming chief of yesterday, the incoming chief of police, said I have to talk to her and explained to her the laws of Washington. That was his number one thing on his number one day that he told the press yesterday. It is surprising to me going forward. I know her very well and she will do a fantastic job for her state, but listen people have carried on the
campus on the floor when I was there, members of commerce were carrying and nobody knew or talked about it. Nobody knew or talked about it. It is a constitutional right that should be honored and Washington DC has gotten a lot more dangerous in twenty twenty and going forward in twenty one than it was before. I would encourage all law enforcement officers to do their jobs, but jobs, but also people who support jobs, but also people who support them, keeping people safe, rather than talking to someone who wants to exercise the rights she wants to exercise the rights she has under the constitution.
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