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Goya Foods CEO: The greatest economy on earth is losing its freedom

2020-12-04 | 🔗
Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue discusses facing backlash for supporting Trump and argues the U.S. is losing economic freedom and 'competitiveness.'
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Steve months after a visit to Steve months after a visit to the White House brought him fierce backlash on twitter from some on the political left, Goya Foods, CEO, Bob Unanue says his company is doing just fine, but warns the american economy is losing its freedom and he joins us right now from our nations capital Bob Good Morning to you im doing well. How are you Steve im? Well, a couple months ago you were at the White House and talking about your companys efforts, you had been at the White House before as a guest of Barack Obama, but for some reason some on the political left saw you at trumps White House and blew a gasket well Steve. I was there invited to be a commissioner on the White House Initiative on hispanic prosperity, which was a great honor and also I was there to give away, give back two million pounds of food, because the company in this pandemic has done very good. Our workers courageously have worked,
we we have worked safely and we have been able to increase the wages of our employees, and you know the blessings that we have of doing so. Well, we wanted to give back, and we announced that, and we went well beyond the two million pounds this year. We will give close to four million pounds of food in announcing that I said that the country was blessed to have a president, like President Trump Steve right, apparently, when you invoke God or blessing that doesnt sit well with people, there was calls for boycotts and then a buy cot. The support has been amazing around the country running to people all over the place. We have kept our core business and customers and picked up a new consumers. Its wonderful Steve, some on the political left, including Julian Castro,
dont buy Goya, foots foods and some said Lets- have a buy cott in the introduction. I know you said last couple days: the greatest economy on earth is losing its freedom. What do you mean? Well, its not only losing its freedom, its losing its competitiveness? You know we are the greatest economy on earth, but we have a serious. We are in danger of becoming the divided states of America. We have a serious identity crisis, we have politicians that want to be scientists, we have scientists that want to be politicians, and you know we have the ceos of all these states. We have fifty states and these ceos, you know they come to people like us and say come to our state. We want to open business, but now they are closing these businesses down. They say: dont come to our state, we want to close down the business and this hurts the working class. While these people who no matter what they get paid
and they are in the job for four years, they have got tenure in that job and if they dont perform it doesnt matter, so people are heading to states that are open for business. Like Texas, like Florida, we are all over the United States. We are all over. We are in the Caribbean, we are in Europe, but the people are flocking. Thousands of people a day are going to Texas about two thousand a day into Florida into South Dakota, so were getting this competition of. We are getting this competition of people who are flocking to states that are open for business, Steve right, then you have California, which is one of the biggest economies in the world, its bigger than most countries, and they are shutting it down. They are about to shut down California, and you have the CEO of California, who are saying we have got to shut down these businesses and im going to get paid, no matter what im going to live high on
the hog, and while you lose your job, you have got to have a purpose, and I dont mean to invoke George Orwell by living high on the hog, but its disingenuous for these ceos. These governors to close down the states, put people out of work while they enjoy a fixed salary without any repercussions. Steve exactly. You are talking about what a lot of people are talking about, all these restrictions that are making it impossible for a lot of people to make a living bob. Thank you very much for joining us and thank you for all the food you are giving away to so many people, because there is so we see the food lines these days. A lot of people are hurting and.
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