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Group organizes petition to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom

2020-12-21 | 🔗
‘Rescue California’ finance director Anne Dunsmore discusses the group’s efforts on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Emily welcome back Gavin Newsoms re election may be in jeopardy as recall, efforts grow prominent California, Democrat Willie Brown, now publicly warning Newsom that his re election may hang solely on his lock down orders. The former California State Assembly. Speaker writing in part quote right now: Newsoms chances of survival are tied to the pandemic. If California can get the coronavirus under some semblance of control and counties can lift economic restrictions, he will survive any recall and all but guarantee his re election if not newsroom will be in a fight for his political life and dense Moore is the campaign manager and finance manager of Rescue California Republican Group. Thank you for joining us today good morning. Thank you for having me tell us a little bit about those recall efforts and how its going there in California well its going great. They have got about eight hundred and fifty thousand signatures.
We just went in the mail with about a one point: five million petitions directly to republican voters, and we think we are going to be able to bring it home sooner rather than later. Emily tell us the difference between the messaging and the method. You are hearing really whats going on on boots on ground there. Its amazing, I think, with all due respect to Willie Brown, who I have had the pleasure of working with. He is a great guy, but I believe in that release he said if he could just open the schools that everything would be okay and help survive. I dont know how you divide the eed scam, which im sure sure you heard the estimates went from four hundred million lost to brings and inmates to four billion to eight billion. I dont know how you survive, that I dont know how you survive all the things he has
done: roll blackouts now heading into one of the strictest shutdowns in the country. Last week it was going to end Willie Brown is kicking. Your tires like he is Gavin Newsom. You are in trouble in the party leadership. Knows it Ann im, a long time Californian I lived in San Francisco under mayor, then Gavin Newsom the relate is there is a machine behind him. He has been groomed for frankly decades. Now he is the geties behind him, a lot of prominent Democrats that provide a lot of power behind him, its not just about his performance right now. So my question to you is: is this movement enough to surmount this backing that he has that a lot of voters might not be aware of? I think he need to start making amends and I will take the citizens of California and what they have been through and put them up against any kind of machine. He has behind him any day of the week and if hes going to rest and sit back thinking that that is
going to save him, he is going to lose anybody who thinks that and ignores whats going on on the ground. You know what its like you want to close the beaches in southern California. You will have a fight on your hands and he has a fight on his hands. He ignores the grassroots, the more the better for us. What is your action item for viewers much watching from California right now, pull down the petition, go to rescue ca, 2021, dot, com, pull it down, read the directions and sign the petition. We will have a new governor by the end of the year, Emily Ann dunce, more! Thank you. So much for joining us.
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