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‘Heartbreaking’ to see Joe Burrow suffer season-ending knee injury: Namath

2020-11-24 | 🔗
NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath recaps this week's NFL action.
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Brian Brian yeah thats got to be disappointing what a well played game our next guest played in the first ever Monday night football game. Fifty years ago, Howard Cosell was still in fifth grade hall of Famer. Joe Namath joins us now, Joe great to see you. We just had to get your take on a couple of major issues. First, off 43 year old quarterback, Tom Brady whos, another tough one. Are you beginning to see the age on him at all? Well, no, not really I mean ive seen him play better. He misfires once in a while. You know, I think he could start for other teams in the NFL as a well im glad hes out there, the im a fan I like watching that man work Brian. I cannot believe at forty three, this guys playing quarterback. The other big issue, sadly, is Joe Burrows, one of the most promising rookies to come into
the NFL. We cant show the footage anymore because of licensing, but he broke. He snapped his mcl and ACL plague for the since Gnat few Bengals and they said Alslso structural issues. Youre a guy thatted had about six knee operations. What does that do to a quarterback? Well, you know its heartbreaking to a degree of course, but it is a joint just a joint, a lot of guys go through it. Lady luck plays a major role in sports and life with injuries and illness. Today these guys are getting the best medical treatment. They can theyve done. Many of these operations over the years now and Dr Jim Nicholas did my first knee operation. That was a new process and now theyve revised things and hell recover and hopefully hell be as good as new, because hes a terrific player, and we want to see him out There- Brian Joe, I dont, know if you
have a monitor there, but do you see? Do you remember this picture? Super bowl iii? You shocked the world, your prediction comes true and Joe Gnaw, math wins. The super bowl. Ney mat wins the super bowl, the back of your jersey with the number one up in the air. What were your thoughts as you look at this today? Right now I get goose bumps I can still Brian. I can still feel some of that man. It was wonderful again being an underdog hike that the New York fans, the AFL people telling me you cant do this. You cant do that. Well, you know somewhat. We won one for the underdog for every underdog out there today dont give up man, you can do it just keep working at it. Brian, absolutely theres, one other guy. That picture means a lot to and hes our Mvp on Fox AMP friends, Joe Coffman, even though the
jets are 0 10, he is still laughter even though theyre 0, 10 Joel did this. How many days ago, Joel ooh, a week ago, Brian one week ago, look whos on the television now and Joe look at what is on well. First, I like to apologize. Had I known I was going to be talking to you. I would have worn appropriate gear. I have on a New York, Knicks Hood Duhs, had I known, but its a pleasure talking to you Joe well. Thank you Joel and thank you for that tattoo. You have there its a wonderful memory and I think its an honor. I know its an honor for me for you to be wearing that that buddy, Brian whyD, you do it because I grew up in Brooklyn Joe Namath is my favorite athlete of all time number one on my list. When I thought about getting a
New York Jetta too, it was just obvious what I needed to do, what I needed to get- and you know im very happy that I was able to get it very happy that im able to talk to you Joe thank you Joel and you know, theres a lot of fans out there, some arent as strong as you, no matter what were not bailing out right jets fans. We have a lot of time. We are a different breed were tried and true, and I bleed green and white good going Joel, see you in New York, sometime Buddy well get Brian to pit together. Thank you. My friend applause pleasure, talking to you, Joe Brian, it would be nice if you got a tattoo of Joel. I dont want to put you on the spot. Itd be my pleasure. Just let me know ill pose for you and hold up number one Brian Joe, very nice of you to do that.
You still mean so much to so many in New York and around the country. Thanks for having me on Brian, I enjoyed it, see you all the time, man and you stay well happy Thanksgiving Brian, yes same to you and your family hope to see you at the super.
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