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Hero sergeant featured in Hegseth's 'Modern Warriors' considers service an 'honor'

2020-11-22 | 🔗
U.S. Army Sgt. Maj. Eric Geressy shares his story of sacrifice on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Pete, our next guest served in the: U Dot S army for twenty six years, enlisting when he was just seventeen years old and was on the ground at the start of the Iraq war in two thousand and seven in this hero led eighty of his troops into battle following a surprise, attack from over two hundred members of Al Qaeda, his bravery and he Rowism earned him the Silver STAR and hes fivetures. In my upcoming book, modern warriors sergeant major thanks for being here. Ive got to tell our viewers. You will always be first sergeant to me laughter. We served together in Iraq in two thousand and five and two thousand and six, and when I decided to do this book, I thought whos, the guy that embodies what it means to be a warrior, and I thought of you if you would just share a little bit of your story about what it means to be a part of the brotherhood and a warrior good morning, PETE Good Morning, everybody on the
show honor to be here. You know I dont like talking too much about. I just did my part. You know which was expected as the senior NCO for our company, but I do like to highlight the service and the sacrifices of our soldiers that served especially the nine slash eleven veterans. These are guys who went and ladies, went repeatedly year after year, deployment after deployment for many years to the point where you got put yourself in the mindset that you were going to go until either you were killed in action or you were too hurt to go back. It wasnt, just those who wore the uniform who sacrificed, but also those families that waited and stayed at home. So this is why this is important to tell these stories books like youre writing with and what you do continue to do, for the veterans needs to be told.
The sacrifice was more than most people can imagine between Iraq and Afghanistan and im, like I said, I was honored to be there serving alongside some of our countrys finest PETE sergeant major, no one loves the troops more than you do and I can attest to that firsthand. No doubt I was on your second tour to Iraq. You did a third one where your outpost was ambushed. You were awarded the Silver STAR, have been nominated for the distinguished service cross and should receive it frankly for what you did that day, just break down that moment for us. So this is on my third deployment. It was in 2007 2008. I was in the first Eagle Company, Second squadron Second Striker Cavalry and I we had row anticipated into sector. We assumed the position called the combat outpost in EAST Baghdad. We were only on the ground for
about two or three days, but our company had trained. You know very very hard, you hear the saying everybody wants to be a winner, but then Everybodys got the will to prepare to win. We went in there and we were ready. We established our parties of work, got the outpost prepared, so we could defend from and we were attacked within about forty eight hours of being on the ground. The outpost was ace tacked from three different directions at once, and you know the thing I could the most I couldnt be any more proud of how my soldiers performed that day. Taking care of each other during a very difficult situation, PETE Sergeant Major and they love you were out of time but thats. Why people need to get this book modern warriors to read stories like this. It was the preparation you put in that allowed guys to come home alive and we remember those who didnt sergeant major Eric Geressey. You wont take the title but
youre a hero, and somehow you made it through this segment without offending everybody which youre good at laughter. We love you sergeant major. Thank you very much laughter.
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