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High school coach stresses importance of athletics on student development

2020-09-06 | 🔗
Megan McCorry, high school volleyball coach, joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Jedediah Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, giving gyms the yellow light to reopen green light to reopen. My next guest stressed the importance of sports in our schools, the ability to compete, work as a team develop individually in order to adapt to the needs of others, adaptability, leadership. These are all skills. Employer seek the time when they are the most impressionable and a time when they need to be a part that coach, Megan Mccrory joins me now talk about your role, what you do and what you see as the role of sports in terms of youth development, and why thats so important right now, yeah, absolutely, as you stated, im a local volleyball coach here in the astronaut of Michigan, and you know, as a coach and having been a coach for over a
decade now. What I see is exactly what I spoke to in the letter and what that is is the mentorship and the skills that our youth acquire through the activities where it be sports concern, whether it be sports or other extracurricular activities, things like that and how that really shapes them into being contributing members of our society in the future. Sorry im a little nervous, laughter, Jedediah yeah, and have you heard from any Cuds over the last few months who havent been able to engage in these activities? What the impact thats been on them yeah I have its been really difficult for them. Obviously, their day to day activities have changed completely. They went from going to school every day being able to participate and compete in the sport and activities they really enjoy and love to none of it and just really the impact that thats had on their mental
well being their lack of motivation and just overall overwhelming difficulties with the situation. Jedediah so and weve receive good news. Obviously, with these gym reopening with work getting back into its beginning to rush to normal at least a bit little by little is what are you hoping for in the next coming weeks and months in terms of that return to normalcy and given what youll be able to do in your job and for the kids yeah. Obviously, my hope is that the gyms will remain open. There are a number of restrictions in place and I hope people follow those precautions so that we can keep the gyms and other facilities open. We can keep our athletes safe, physically, but again also mentally. I think thats to is so important for our kids to have that for their health and well being and, like I mentioned a couple times mentally and physically thats really important to us so its again following the
safety recautions to precautions, to allow us to compete and play the sports that we love Jedediah. Well, thanks, so much for being here, a high school sports coach. That is a really really tough job. So we commend you and wish you.
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