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Hogan Gidley on how unrest in cities will impact 2020 race, decision to cancel GOP convention in Jacksonville

2020-07-24 | 🔗
Trump 2020 national press secretary Hogan Gidley says voter enthusiasm is with the president over rival Joe Biden on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ideology with no results or worse results for way too long. Ainsley lets bring in Hogan Gidley the National press secretary for the Trump campaign, two thousand and twenty good morning to you good morning, Ainsley with all of this unrest. How is this going to impact the twenty twenty election we saw yesterday? There was a poll and it said, was it sixty two percent Steve Sixty two percent said they were not going to. They didnt feel comfortable. Talking Steve Kato Study, Ainsley im wondering if this is going to help or hurt the president, its hurting real Americans across the country, thats for sure our hearts goat out to those deeply impacted by the deaths that have gone on in towns devolved into lawlessness. Sad part is you dont have to guess what our city streets and what kind of danger our families would be in if Joe Biden were president of the United States, he has not said anything about. You know getting a handle, getting a grip and trying to protect the people
in these cities, its absolutely egregious when he does pipe up out of his Heidi hole. He areporters shouldnt reredirect funds. If anyone thinks redirect is different than defund, then let me ask you Ainsley: if its okay, your next paycheck, can I redirect money out of your bank account and put it into mine, thats defunding thats cutting Ainsley, no thats right, no is the answer. We need that money, the police, the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every single day who stand up to these rioters and looters and people who burn churches and burn police buildings. Those are the real heroes out there and the president supports them, and Joe Biden doesnt thats a serious, serious difference. Brian Hogan, almost all polls, the president, is trailing in the battleground states in the Fox poll, trailing significantly in Pennsylvania and slightly more than he was in April and Michigan same thing, trailing by nine Minnesota a place. He really
thought he Vekd won. Last time a few percentage points away. He is trailing big. One of the things people look to for incumbent. President happened with Bush. Forty one use different things to close the gap, and that was the convention. They have a big convention speech and they sprint to the fall and see what happens come November. The convention is not going to happen now. What went into that decision? And what can you use to propel yourself to close that gap? The number one priority of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is the safety and security of the american people. You saw that yesterday with his bold, decisive leadership from that podium. He talked to the scientists. He talked to the health experts. He talked to the medical experts, he talked to his political team and he said no. We are not having this because we dont want to risk any more infections to the state of Florida. Any more infections across this country and im proud to know him im proud to have worked for him and to be on the campaign right now, because this is the type of leadership we need.
You touched on some polls. Most of those are fake. They oversample Democrats. We have had more than one point one billion views across our social media platforms for Donald Trump hes, not even really on those social media platforms. All that much Joe Biden, however, comes out the other day for a qampa. He promotes it. He is on camera and he has nineteen people watching it at one time. I think seventeen of those were a network news anchors and reporters just trying to figure out how to donate the other two were staffers. The fact is the enthusiasm. The excitement is all on our side, and we know this. Our supporters will stand through rain, sleet, snow, hail and crawl across broken glass to vote for Donald Trump, Joe Biden supporters wont even click on a link to watch him. Do a Qampa, its absolutely embarrassing. We have the momentum and know we will do well in November Brian. I know the people that do the polls they dont do it fake. They may not be accurate in the
end I dont know doesnt accuracy determine people are great doesnt accuracy determine how great it they are. Professionals dont call the Fox news. Polsters fake. The methodology is flawed at the very least Steve. That is what the president has said before, because he has complained that they have a smaller sample of Republicans. That is not indicative of the number of people who voted last time, and so that is where that comes from all right. Meanwhile, you were talking about enthusiasm. You are right. Joe Biden has had very little enthusiasm until this week when somehow he slipped out of his basement. He went to Barack Obamas Office, Inin, the West end of Washington D, DOT c, and they did a socially distanced conversation there. You can see there. They are about a dozen feet apart and one of the themes was they are trolling. The president on his pandemic response Heres a sample.
This guy is in court in the middle of a pandemic, trying to take away the protection for one hundred million people that have pre existing conditions. I dont think he has any sense of empathy or any. I dont think he can associate at all. I couldnt be prouder of what we got done. Twenty million people had health insurance that have it because of what we did. The thing I have got confidence in Joe is your heart and your character, and the fact that you are going to be able to reassemble the kind of government that cares about people and brings people together Steve. I got a feeling with that music. The end was near. Obviously they are trying to have Joe Biden Ride on Barack Obamas coat tails, but they are talking about the pandemic, and when you look Joe Biden, walls asked the other day by somebody over on MSNBC what he would do differently regarding the pandemic. If he were president,
he listed a bunch of things that sounded great and, as it turns out, the President and the administration have already done all of them. So if it does come down to Coronavirus- and that is the number one issue, what does Joe think that he could do that? This administration and this federal government have not well lets put together the overscripted massively edited back and forth that the vice president had with the former president for just a moment. If we can, what Joe Biden did leave out of that long list of things? He would do that, of course, this president, this administration has already done what he left out was the criticism of that he levy idea on Donald Trump, calling him xenophobia and racist. All the left did that the media did that the as well when Donald Trump made the bold, decisive actions necessary to protect two point: two million deaths from ever occurring in this country, which is what the experts said would happen. Those flights got shut down. Joe Biden was wrong
and in the end had to come out and say: yeah, you know im sorry, Donald Trump was right again. Another thing he left out was: he has already been faced with a pandemic when he was vice president. We know what his administration was doing. You dont have to guess how he would respond. He just decided mid pandemic H1N1 swine flu to shut down testing and said we dont want to quote unquote waste the resources on testing. He decided to stop it, stop counting. He said we know we are infected, we have sixty million or so that has the virus it doesnt matter. We are going to stop testing. Can you math outcry from the mainstream media? If Donald Trump said im going to copy Joe Biden im going to stop testing, they would lose their minds. The fact is, this president has taken something unforeseen unprecedented straight out of China and has led us through this in a way that I think the american people can rally around, because his message is unifying its uplifting, its patriotic, and we will get through this
together because of Donald.
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