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Hogan Gidley reacts to ‘persuadable voters’ in 2020 election

2020-07-26 | 🔗
A Wall Street Journal and NBC poll say 13 percent of voters can still be swayed in the 2020 election; Trump 2020 campaign national press secretary Hogan Gidley weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Muck PETE, with under one hundred days to go until Novembers presidential election, some votes still up for grabs. Thirteen percent of Americans say their vote can be swayed according to a new Wall Street Journalnbc NEWS poll. So how can the Trump campaign get them to move their direction in November? Lets ask Trump two thousand and twenty campaign national press secretary, Hogan Gidley, thanks for being on the show, so we take all polls, especially that one and others with a massive grain of salt, but lets take the premise, basically, that there is a chunk of persuadable voters, whats your message to that group going to be well. First of all, let me start by offering my sincere condolences to Congressman Lewis and his family. What theyre dealing with right now, the death of the civil rights icon. He was, he was strong. He was a leader in a time of turmoil in this country, and your heart goes out to them and to his family, and my thoughts and prayers are with them
as far as the polls are concerned, as we get into things, political revolve, Ising around the upcoming election lets be clear. Once again, we see a poll that vastly oversamples democrats- thirty three percent of GOP respondents were sampled in exit polling in twenty. Sixteen, this particular poll twenty six percent thats a seven percent difference, so obviously things are going to swing vastly to the left. In the answers. I can point out the fact, though it e kind of made me chuckle. Even with the oversampling of Democrats, only about fourteen percent said they were really enthusiastic about Joe Biden. Who can blame them all he talks about. Is some child loving to rub his leg, hair and not knowing what, year year, nine slash eleven happened, all the missteps and mistake of Arizona being called a city. I understand why they want the keep him in the basement and why so many people arent enthusiastic. You compare and contrast that
with how much excitement we have on our side, vast numbers of republicans registering to vote, and so many of the king key swing states. Hundreds of thousands of people on the Democrat rolls in the states where they actually allow registration by party its been a vast decrease in the those battleground states and a vast increase for us. People want this president to be in office another four years and you I that in so many areas across you see that in so many areas across the country, not to mention the economy is on it way back, but also the uplifting unifying patriotic message. Moving forward, trying to get our city streets back under control, protect the safety and security of everyday Americans just trying to make ends meet and working out there in jobs created by policies of this prime minister. Elections are about choices by this president, there is no choice. Its all President Trump PETE Ohio began to that Hogan to that or persuadable voter in this home stretch,
whats the bumper sticker one or two line sell to them to reelect President Trump well, a vote for President Trump is a vote for you. A vote for President Trump is a vote for future success for every single American, regardless of race, color, creed, e and religion. You dont have to guess what would happen if Joe Biden were president, we saw it for eight years we saw the economy crumbling depressed wage, all of the jobs, leaving compare and contrast that, with this president expect successes, we saw for all Americans job creation, record high stock market thats. What this presidents going to do, Joe Bidens, going the take us backwards. President Trump is.
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