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Hogan Gidley weighs in on ‘secret voters’ in key battleground states

2020-07-19 | 🔗
A poll examines Biden leading in the state of Pennsylvania but some point to potential ‘secret Trump’ voters; reaction and analysis from White House Principal Deputy Press secretary Hogan Gidley on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Jason, a recent poll claims voters, think secret trump. Voters could be the difference in key battleground states, the director of that Polling Institute, adding the media constantly reports. That Biden is in the lead, but voters remember what happened in twenty. Sixteen, the specter of a secret trump vote looms large in 2020. So what does the Trump campaign think lets? Ask Trump, two thousand and twenty campaign National Press Secretary Hogan Gidley Hogan. Thank you so much for joining us. You know when campaigns are behind, they always say we dont believe the polls, those arent true and we got more supporters than ever. So what say you first things. First, I do want to join with those across the country mourning the loss of civil rights icon, John Lewis. Our prayers are with his family today. That being said, you hit the nail on the head. As far as campaigns, we often like to point to polls and say theyre bogus, but in this instance theyre absolutely bogus
the facts just bear that out. The methodology is completely wrong. Theyre undersampling Republicans compared to the way they voted in twenty sixteen and two thousand and eighteen for that matter in the midterms theyre Oversampling Democrats, so theyre asking a whole lot of more of those on the political left, their opinions on this president, as opposed to those on the right. As you know, he has historic support inside the g dot op with ninety six percent, no ones ever seen. Any numbers like that in my political lifetime for sure and so whats. Interesting, though, is the people on the panels, the pundits, the ones who actually monitor these polls. They know that these polls are weighted toward Democrats, so either theyre completely gullible or theyrely. Absolutely doing this on purpose, either way its not good Jason, but there was also a campaign. Shakeup remember there was a change in leadership there at the Trump campaign. I know in Tulsa didnt go necessarily the way the President wanted it to go.
How does the President get his footing in a covid related situation where he just cant pack, the house, with fifty thousand people night after night yeah, but hes packing the house in other ways? Rallies arent, the only thing whether they be inside of an arena or inside of an airport lets be clear. One point one billion views across that plomb. We just crossed that milestone. People are excited about this president theyre enthusiastic about actually voting. You see the spread right now and so many on the right registering at rates higher than those on the left. People want to get out and vote secret or not because they understand this president has improved their lives at every turn and lets be clear. Campaigns are about choices, and when you have someone like Donald Trump who stands up for this country delivers unifying patriotic messages on a daily basis and someone like Joe Biden who for eight years, ruined this economy in the recent weeks when weve seen all this death and destruction across our country has said little or nothing,
except for defund the police and I have to say, to watch the media. Try and cover for Joe Biden in this instance. They say he didnt say defund the police, okay right, he used the word redirect lets be clear, Jason you and I talking right now, im not going to defund your bank account im just going to redirect more money out of it into my bank account. The fact is its a cut, its a defunding mechanism, regardless he can try and spin it. However, he wants and the press can try to cover for him, as they have been doing now for the better part of fifty years. But the facts remain. The american people understand our city. Streets are devolving into lawlessness. This president is the only one standing up for them, trying to protect their lives, their families and our neighborhoods are less safe with Joe Biden and.
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