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Holiday shopping at Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s

2020-12-19 | 🔗
Austin, Whitney and Ace Dillon share last-minute gift ideas on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Will Jedediah Christmas is less than one week away, which means many of us are scrambling with last minute: scrambling, oh yeah will lucky for us bass. Pro shops is open and has holiday gifts for the entire family. Pete here with ideas, professional NASCAR driver, Austin, Dillon, his wife, Whitney and little Son ACE good morning to you all Austin. How are we cooking gooddoing will good morning thanks for having us on and hope we get to tell you about a couple toys this morning, PETE yeah. What have you got there? So we have the adventure set toys back here, the ATV, the boats and the planes and then also remote control. Utv will cool toys there. You also have toys for adults in your life. Tell me about the tracker off road, a little more pricy right, yeah. No, all great prices here at bass, pro shops and Cabelas Santa is sitting on the tracker
off road. Eight hundred Sx over here a total work horse, get out here to bass pro shops and check it out. Also, if you are like myself, a last minute shopper also go with the gift cards. Will whats up Santa Jedediah? I love it. I would have to mention those flannels yet again, because I see the three of you in that matching gear. I love to match me and my husband and my son, despite my husbands, chagrin on that one. Can people get those flannels there as well? Yes, so if you are anything like our family, we love matching especially around the holiday time. So we got these here. These are the Buffalo plaid and they have them in all sizes for men, women and children. Pete Awesome Austin. You sent us a best of your knowledge of these toys on set one, you of which is the toilet paper. Blaster. I have in front of me, you sell it. I have been waiting to shoot. Will with it all morning, oh my goodness misfire. Will he missed there? We go.
Will you havent hit me yet PETE come on reload, you can come out to bass pro shops. Get shooting lessons will Dillon. Thank you. So much for showing us PETE. The toilet paper is the.
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