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Homan: US cities are burning and Democrats aren't talking about it

2020-08-19 | 🔗
Portland puts law and order at the center of the election; former ICE director Tom Homan speaks out.
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Thanks meanwhile, next guest weighing in on the violence in a new op ed law and order at the center of this election. What are Democrats plans here is former acting ICE director Tom Homan. Are you surprised they didnt even address this? No, you look at the democratic ticket of Harris and Biden. They are not even talking about it. They havent offered up any solutions they are putting on the table to discuss. This is a huge issue in this country. Cities in America are burning, police officers are being assaulted, buildings being burned, saw the video of the man being beaten. They are not talking about it. They dont want to push the left. The left that has planned this anarchy across the country Tribune. They want their votes, they are putting their election hopes ahead of the safety and Security of America. I find that disgusting Brian no question. They want to talk about racial equity in this country, but its being overwhelmed by this Antifa presence. Lets look at this marquise love.
He is the guy. They are hunting for right now. His nickname is Keith love. He actually worked for a security firm and he was seen that body armor that he might have had from that security firm. He is out there knocking people out when theyre, not looking with eight or nine people gathered around him. What is that type of behavior tell you about whats been going on for the last three months in Portland. Again, I put it right at the feet of the democratic leadership. Nancy Pelosi doesnt talk about it, Chuck Schumer doesnt talk about it. I truly believe they want chaos in this country come November, whether its violence in the cities or slowly, opening cities or not reopening the cities out of covid. They want chaos in the cities because they think it helps their election. They pivot to defund police, reimagine police, the very person supposed to protects that man, defund them and reimagine them its upside down. Whats going on in this country. Democratic leadership is ignoring it
Brian. It is lets just finish this up. Our detectives continue to investigate this assault, as well as other acts of violence directed towards protesters. We need more than just video from social media in order to hold people responsible. We need people to provide information, issue, plots and fingting people. What else do you need? Besides video peoples faces? We have other jobs. These cops have been defamed. Demoralized many are retiring. They came a half hour later after one person called in when this guy was flat out unconscious when they got to him on the street. Do you know the mindset of the Portland police? Look? I started my law enforcement career as a cop. We can fix this easy Brian. Let the cops! Let the police do their job. Let them do the job they are trained for. They joined the police force because they want to serve the community. Let them do it. Dont we fund them or reimagine them. Dont, take their equipment away, dont, vilify them.
Let them do their job, they are the finest one percent this country has let them be coming and protect our communities thats why they are there. This is an easy fix, a democratic leadership and people like the Portland mayor. You know too little too late. Now you say something after you have a videotape of a man being beaten, Tootoo little too late, Brian Governor is upset, but is he powerless at Chicago police retiring at double the rate? Three hundred and thirty five have retired since the end of July? Can you blame them four hundred and seventy five retired last year, three hundred and thirty nine the year before, because they have been vilified while murders homicides are raging its hard to believe this is happening in America. But where is the republican Party? Where are they saying? We have a urban plan for America, they dont even run for office. The american people need to understand this. Brian. Every dollar you take away from law enforcement means less enforcement,
whether its less patrols on the street, less cars, less overtime, less money for undercover operations. I ran a budget of eight dollars billion. Every dollar counts when you take a dollar away from the police department that equals less enforcement on the street equals less protection on the street. I said this many times. People like De Blasio, who wants to defund protective detail. First, detail: the twenty two men that protect you: twenty four slash: seven, if you want to take safety and security away from the communities, take your safety and community away. First show us what a great leader you are Brian, another good start. His wife has a 2 million dollar budget for 14 personal staff. A speech writer makes one hundred and seventy thousand dollars a chief of staff that makes one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. While you hop on behind your microphone and say, have to cut twenty two thousand jobs, including a billion out of the police force. Meanwhile, I do want to talk about immigration, where the president was yesterday three hundred miles of wall. He has immigration plan, he has cooperation from Central America.
He has great cooperation with New Mexico. Here is the president. The Biden plan would unleash a flood of illegal immigration like the world has never seen its crazy bidens plan is the most radical extreme, reckless dangerous and deadly immigration plan ever put forward by a major party candidate, Brian Tom, characterize three and a half years of the presidents immigration plan. President Trump should take a victory lap. Immigration is down sixty to eighty five percent from the high last year. No other president has been able to achieve that, especially when Congress and the courts are fighting him every stecht way. I wrote an op ed on this. If Joe Biden was to become our president, all that success on the border goes away on day, one because he wants open borders. He wants free healthcare, he wants to get rid of ice and he wants to decriminalize illegal entry. He already said he is going to stop all deportions on day one. He said to the rest of the world,
its okay, to come here illegally and violate our laws. Brian kids, in cages. Obama is the one that set that up.
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