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Homeowner Jason Fritz on confronting protesters in Wauwatosa

2020-10-09 | 🔗
Protests break out in Wauwatosa after DA decides not to charge officer in deadly shooting of teenager; reaction from homeowner Jason Fritz.
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Riots breaking out in the city of right near Milwaukee after the d dot, a decides not to police officer deadly shooting of a teenage rioters then reacted slashing the windows of businesses and homes. Then they went into the suburbs to do some damage our next guest wouldnt. Have it he confronted the protesters as a motorcyclist drove through his yard watch. You dont even know you dont even know who, in this neighborhood supports what you are doing or doesnt you are going in. My yard. Push knew my yard protest, peaceful protest, which I know you are all capable of. We can all have differences. Brian man, we need people like this Jason Fritz joins us now, Jason, you saw the chaos. You probably have no experience with chaos like this. Why did you go towards it and
try to stop it rather than run from it? Well, thank you for having me Brian. You know this is actually the fourth protest. Ha has come directly past my house, so you are dont, really have any experience with confronting a crowd. Obviously this size, but we have had some experience since all of the chaos has started months ago, we are seeing protests pass directly past our house. I think it was just, as I have had time to reflect just the culmination of everything, two thousand and twenty, so that the protests and the mandates and lockdowns and riots and tongue in cheek, I just lost my favorite guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Whatever I was thinking, I was frustrated and fed up and really the last straw was looking out my window and seeing the gentleman on the motorcycle riding in my lawn. Something in me clicks a said
internally no more and came running out of my house and prepared to confront whatever it was that I was going to confront Brian this incident. They said it was. There was nothing bad here: Netanyahu, race related. You had a black officer and black suspect. This thing was deliberated for months, and then they decide to bring their outrage to your lawn. What did you do wrong as well as as far as I know, nothing, I think what you are just seeing is the culmination of a lot of anger that I dont believe is being directed in the right way. I wanted to get across to anybody reasonable from the crowd that I could find to try to get that point across, maybe not as eloquently as I would have liked, but I would challenge anyone that has a couple hundred people surrounding his yard and honking and motor cycles doing burnouts and people running up to you with cell phones. In your
face trying to intimidate and mock you, I dont think any of those are going to exactly sound like sock secrets. In the moment I did the best I could to get my point across, at least in the moment felt like I was a little more angry and yelling than what seems what other people seemed to have thought. I did, which I appreciate and appreciate that kind of understanding. In the moment I assure you I was pretty angry Brian. I understand that. Can I ask you something: Jason everyone wants to address race relations and make the country a better place. If you want to get my attention, should you wreck my house first, I dont think that would be the first way I would go about it. No, that was the one of the things I was trying to get across to the crowd. Some people I later found out video even existed, which I wasnt aware of at the time is that you know we are not your enemy, that there are commonalities that we have and going about it and
destroying property, destroying businesses and just extending the riots into chaos and all the hatred and pain that our country has been going through. If you want to kind of get to that kind of first step that first place, that really starts to get some people to turn towards your cause. This is not the way to do it. There are places we can start but riding a motorcycle through my lawn and destroying my neighbors property thats not going to get my attention and there are better ways to go about it: Brian, they are bringing their outrage to the suburbs, purposefully, Jason Jason Fritz. They sure are Brian standing up speaking out and standing up for everything.
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