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Houston police chief on shooting death of officer: 'We are going to miss him dearly'

2020-10-22 | 🔗
ICE officials say the suspect who killed one Houston police officer and wounded another was in the U.S. illegally.
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Brian Houston, police, community, Brian Houston, police community, is mourning the death of one of their own after horrific attack, Chcharles Preston was shot and sadly killed Tuesday, while responding to a domestic violence call now ice says his accused killer in the. U DOT S illegally Elmer man Zan know a convicted kilo from El Salvador could face the death penalty as he is charged with murder art as slide dough joins us more terrible loss for you and everyone at the department. Can you give us an idea what took place? Yes, we had been out to that location to vated potential issues with domestic violence acouple times before, but nothing had risen to arrestable offense Tuesday morning Sergeant Preston was at the scene with a couple officers to help the 14 year old Son to get cooperation from the
suspect to move out. She had had enough and sadly, at one point, the 14 year old boy opened the door unlocked it with the key as the door opens. Our officers are outside. He says: oh, my god, he has got a gun. He starts. Shooting struck his own son with gunfire struck officer Courtney Waller. In the arm with gunfire- and sadly he struck Sergeant Preston sergeant Preston was able to respond and return fire. He fired one round actually struck him in the abdomen and suffice it to say. Obviously we are here because, tragically he died, he died a hero. He lived a great life, he was a great son, a great cop. Above all else, he was a great human being and we are going to miss him greatly. Brian unbelievable. It shows you the nature of your job domestic dispute. Have you been there before? You think you know what you are getting into? My goodness, you she up domestic dispute thats. What people are saying law enforcement has to show one domestic dispute with therapist and psychologists
house. Would that have gone? You know we do qui use multi disciplinary response with our cert teams, our crisis intervention response teams that actually has healthcare actually has healthcare professionals with us. We dont put them in harms way. Domestic violence calls are some of the most dangerous. We lost sergeant Christopher Brewster two years ago on December seventh, and he was gunned down by a man thats a coward men that abuse their wives and children are cowards, Crowrdz dangerous because they have no respect for the sanctity of life, let alone their own family. Brian. This guy doesnt even belong here. Look at his rap sheet: unlawful charged one lawful, carrying a firearm in two thousand and four two thousand two separate assault charge: two thousand and one causing bodily assault to a family member,
two thousand and two evading arrest with motor vehicle. How does he stay here in twenty twenty? This was a time bomb ready to blowed a we knew about it twenty years ago. You know one of the things that we talk about as police chiefs with our partners at DHS Chiefs with our partners at DHS. Is that law enforcement and will federal officers very little resource? We have worked with our partners, especially Hli Homeland Security, Veafingses, to try to focus our resources on people that are violent, undocumented, violent. At the end of the day, our number one priority has to be the sanctity of life, which means the protection of the american people from violence and including other undocumented immigrants. Those that are just here to work, sadly disproportionately impacted the most by undocumented immigrants, because thats, who they victimize thoughing that they would be afraid to come forward. That was the case here, because the victim she was undocumented and he kept
undocumented and he kept threatening her that, fortunately she finally did come forward and no one else was killed than sergeant Preston who did his job to the very end. Brian im, not a lawyer. Do you one of these things? You should be gone forever, real, quick chief. How is the other officer doing? He is hurting psychologically emotionally, he lost a sergeant and he had surgery one surgery already. Is he going to have another one today we have been visiting with him and we are going to be there for him and his family, and we are going to celebrate the life of sergeant, Harold Preston, that not many people will say his name, but we will. We will say his name: we will engrave his name and celebrate his life and make sure that his 23 year old daughter knows that her daddy died a hero and he will will be remembered.
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