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How did a British heiress become tangled in what could be the most shocking sex crime in the world?

2020-07-17 | 🔗
Nancy Grace, host of Fox Nation's 'A Ghislaine Maxwell Investigation,' previews what she found in her special on the Jeffrey Epstein case.
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Plus zero percent interest for twenty four months ends Monday Katie, well, new details, emerging Katie, well, new details, emerging about Jeffrey Epsteins, long time associate and long time, girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, Miss Maxwell was the ringleader she was the architect of the sex ring that went on for decades went Ms Maxwells participation without her complicit. None of this would have occurred. Katie Nancy Grace takes a look how the socialite Epstein its all part of her special on Fox nation Nancy. Grace joins us now with more tell us about what you found. Well, you know its interesting. Of course the state never has to prove a motive on the defendant when they go to trial. You cant get into somebodys head and lurk around in there and figure things out. I find it incredibly interesting
and its the exact way. I would investigate a case when I presented them to a jury in inner city Atlanta. Here you are not bound by a commercial break or a time queue we get to go in depth and find out what makes Ghislaine Maxwell tick. I found out how she met Jeffrey Epstein kind of like a blind date. She was hooked up by a mutual friend. She falls in love the reason they finally broke up romantically. He wouldnt marry her much of what she did, including procuring little girls in the shadow of the middle school building was to please Jeffrey Epstein gain acceptance and power in his world. Katie lets take a look at your special and we will get your reaction on the other side. She had all the features of a sociopath impull sift recklessness failure to plan ahead. Now, you might say she is calculating, remember when she was driving
with these young women in a limo. She would ask the limo driver to pull over. She would jump out, she would run into a school yard or a park and give her numbers to young people so Nancy. The biggest question here, of course, is how the victims are going to get justice, especially since Jeffrey Epstein is no longer living. Tell us a little bit about some kind of deal that she may be getting, and is that really fair thats, a really good question? Many people think that Ghislaine Maxwell is going to sing so to speak and rat out other powerful, wealthier influential individuals that took part in child sex. But what does she really have to offer? Does she have videos and photos? Well, according to sources, the feds already confiscated tons of video and photos from Epsteins home. So what does she really offer other than what she knows? There is no way the feds are going to let her walk, even if
she turns informant with no hard jail time. I think the victims will get justice that we you. I have to keep our eyes on. This remember Epstein got away with a slap on the wrist down in Florida. We dont want that to hoop again as long as this is in the spotlight, justice has a chance. Katie Maxwell, your Ghislaine Maxwell investigation is out today on Fox nation, with the Qampa tonight with you at 700 p. Dot M sign up for Fox nation today and get your first month for.
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